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If everyone used different symbols, how would anyone learn? How wouls scientists communicate?

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Q: Why do all scientist use the same symbol cl for clorine?
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Is clorine an element?

Yes, Chlorine (Cl) an element. To be an element, a substance must have all the same type of atom. As it has this, it is on the Periodic Table.

Why do scientist all over the world use the same type of tools?

Scientist use the same tools because, so their measurements will be the same.

What do scientist call matter when all the atom in it are the same?


Does chlorine dissolve in water and how can you tell?

yes clorine dissolve in water in periodic table clorine is the 7th a group of periodic table all 7th group ( bromine iodine astatine clorine and iodine) are the collectively known as salt produsing eliments it used in sterilization of water

Is a physicist and a scientist the same?

You could say all physicists are scientists, but not all scientists are physicists.

What color are the scientist's eyes?

Scientists have the same color eyes as all of us.

What does the symbol the law tablet represents in?

the law is the same for all and all are equal before it.

How do you converion baud rate to symbol rate?

baud rate = symbol rate= modulation rate all the same thing

Why do scientist believe that all life on earth evoloed from a sinlge-celled ancestor?

The coding of all DNA (and RNA) is the same for all life forms.

All scientist name photos?

all scientist name & photos

How do scientist form a laws?

What happens is Scientists conduct experiments and if all the Scientists who conducted the same experiment come up with the same results, the call it a LAW.

Who was the scientist who believed that gravity made all object fall at the same time?

You are referring to Albert Einstein's Theory of Gravity.