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Q: Give two reasons why Americans opposed slavery?
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Why were some people against slavery give some reasons why people were against slavery?

Some people were against slavery for moral and ethical reasons, believing it to be a violation of human rights. Others opposed slavery for economic reasons, arguing that it hindered free labor markets. Additionally, there were those who believed in the principles of freedom and equality, seeing slavery as contradictory to these values.

Did the Declaration of Independence give the Americans concrete reasons for their revolution?


Published an article equating slavery with murder and asking Americans to give it up?

Thomas Paine

What did harriet Tubman give?

She gave freedom to the slaves and she gave all enslaved African Americans a way to get out of slavery

What reasons does Paine give for assuring the Americans that their cause is right in the story the crisis?

cuz he is powerful doe

Why did Frederick Douglass urge President Lincoln to act against slavery and what reasons did he give?

Fredrick Douglas urged president Lincoln to act on slavery because of the deplorable conditions that they were being subjected to.

Why did some Northerners oppose the abolitionist movement?

They were happy to enjoy the cotton revenues earned by the slave-holding South. Also, most Northerners simply were not Abolitionists. They were usually prepared to tolerate slavery in its traditional heartlands. But they did not approve of an extended slave-empire in the South-west because it would give the South more power in Congress.

What reasons did john O'Sullivan give to suggest Americans should be able to possess by right of manifest destiny?

i have no idea

Who Published an article equating slavery with murder and asking Americans to give it up?

Michael Jackson The IV wrote the declaration of Independence on 1947.

Who was first to North America The Vikings or The Native Americans and Give reasons for your answer?

Native Americans were there first from the beginning. Vikings did not get there until much, much later. and also the settlement that the vikings built failed

Give three examples of actions citizens opposed to slavery were successful in doing?

Beginning in the 1830's abolitionist used social protest, and political action to try and abolish slavery. People began secretly moving slaves to safe locations (Underground Railroad) Slavery did not end until the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. -Joseph Lyttle

What reason did Southerners give to support their position against ending the slave?

They had a whole list of reasons. Some were; Slavery was in the Bible, slaves were happier as slaves, slaves had food and a place to live otherwise they wouldn't have that. These things, of course, are excuses, but it is what they used to rationalize slavery.