Give you example of A sell-side B2B site A buy-side B2B site?

A sell-side B2B site: SAP SAP provides business solutions with their experts, methodologies, tools and certified partners. Also, they are offering span to all phases to life cycle solution, from building to running. For that, it can connect IT with the business solutions strategies. They also provide selection of services by subject: · Consulting services · Business Objects consulting services · Business process outsourcing · Hosting and application management · Product and service introduction · Software maintenance and support · Custom development A buy-side B2B site: Procter and Gamble (P&G) Procter and Gamble is Retail Customers group assists the Company's trade partners and representatives of retailers. They are providing product supplies to a variety of businesses, such as P&G cleaning, laundry, coffee, tea and snacks products.