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Q: Give you some vocabulary words according to the story of The Old Man and the Sea?
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Are there any free short story generators for weekly vocabulary words?

give me some answers where can i find a website that lets me type in my own vocabulary words i need some websites quick

Give some example of vocabulary words and give their meaning?

vocabulary : espouse, taboo, cliche, onamatopeia, baffle and etc. this are vocabulary by: jerome,heidi,suzette,gellie,and harvy

Can you give me ten vocabulary words for the book The Battle of the Labyrinth?


Give you give me a sentence with the word review in it?

Before we took the test, we had to review the vocabulary words.

Can you give me 5 vocabulary words from The Boxcar Children book 1 in order and defined?


Can you give me five vocabulary words for the book The Battle of the Labyrinth?

naiad titan labyrinth pegusas paradise

What is a vocabulary graphic organizer?

Vocabulary graphic organizers help to visualize the relationships between words and their possible meanings. It is a tool that can be used for classroom assessment for learning because they give teachers a quick look at students' vocabulary knowledge.

How do you explain Vocabulary?

Give them a dictionary.

Give example of English word that are originally french words?

action, bacon, flirt, grocery, language... According to French author and linguistics specialist Henriette Walter, more than half of English vocabulary stems from French.

Can you give me a sentences for the word glorious?

Here you go: "Boy, I sure wish I knew what glorious meant." The beauty is you can use it for any of your vocabulary words!

Give you at least 10 marine vocabulary with meaning?


Give some vocabulary in the last leaf?

icy finger

Can you give related topic about relationship of context clues to vocabulary competence?

A topic related to the relationship of context clues to vocabulary competence is: Vocabulary and context clues go hand-in-hand: each supports the other.

How do words supply meaning in a text?

When words are arranged according to the grammar rules of the language then they give meaning to a text.

How should can be note details in the story?

we will write the importans word or words to give a complete idea or thought

Give an example of resolution in a story?

give me an example of a resolution in the story

Can anybody give the summary of the Bouquet of Love by Ruskin Bond in 180 words?

summary of ruskin bond story the treessummary of ruskin bond story the trees

Can you give me 2 examples of gerund as subject?

Walking is good exercise. Reading improves your vocabulary.

What is a name you can give a fake fiction story god?

a name you can give a god in your story

CAN YOU GIVE me a summary of david copperfield story 100-200 words?

David Copperfield is a very emmotiontional novel , but interesting .

What information does a book give you?

A book can give you knowledge,useful information, imagination, good writing skills, a better vocabulary, spelling and grammar!

Can you give an example of short novel?

Jonathan Livingstone Seagul, less than 9,000 words. Love Story was approx, 27,000.

What is aesthetic experience?

it is an experience in which one experiences the beauty of nature or of words, it is used in literature to give one an image of what a story or book is about.

Is story line one word or two words?

Storyline is one word. To give an example sentence, "the storyline was very lacking".

Are quotes a form of poetry?

No. A quote is where we give someone's exact words. You can quote from a poem, but also from a newspaper article or a story or a speech.