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Golf 4 gti overheats but radiator stays coolwhat could be the problem?


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Your thermostat is stuck closed. you will need to replace it. The thermostat controls the circulation through the radiator - when the engine heats up the thermostat is meant to switch circulation from just-engine to engine+radiator. Sounds like this isn't happening.


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you could be low on antifreeze, could be a plugged radiator, or the radiator could be dirty. I had the same problem with my Dodge Ram and it was a plugged radiator

Most likely it is a bad thermostat. The switch on the radiator fan could also have failed.

Could be bad fan relay?Could be a plugged or restricted radiatorCould be a bad radiator capCould be a bad thermostat

It could be the thermostat. Open up the radiator cap when it is hot and see if the water is flowing in the radiator. If it is not then it may be a thermostat.

Thermostat regulator is malfunctioning, water pump pulley could be bad, gas bubble in radiator hose.

If the radiator or reservoir cap is bad it could cause overheating because the system will not build up the proper pressure. Also the fan clutch could be worn out which would keep the fan from spinning fast enough to cool the radiator.

The thermostat may be sticking, the radiator might be clogged, the water pump could be shot, or it could simply be low on coolant. Without further information about the problem, i.e. how frequently it overheats, the conditions under which the overheating happens, I can't give you a definitive answer.

It could be coming from the water pump, or from the bottom radiator hose. If it is the water pump, change it before the engine overheats. If the engine in any GM product overheats, you will likely be installing a new one or rebuilding the old.

Heat went out in my 300, what could be the problem

Sounds like a fan or fan shroud problem, but you could also be dealing with a plugged radiator, undersize radiator, or thermostat problem.

Cross contamination of transmission fluid within the radiator. Replace the radiator.

It could be that your computer needs a new battery. There could be a problem with the fan that cools your computer. If the computer overheats, it will turn off. There could also be some malicious program that is causing your computer to shut down.

bad thermostat, engine coolant temperature sensor(ect). not enough coolant. radiator is pluged up try flushing,or replace radiator.

No it is not. It could be a problem with the radiator, a radiator hose or a water pump. In any situation, it could cause the motor to overheat and damage it severely.

Overheating problems are caused by clogged radiator, non-functioning cooling fan, defective thermostat, defective water pump, defective or incorrect radiator cap, clogged water ports in engine, or collapsing radiator hose.

It depends on the condition in which the vehicle overheats.If it only overheats when you're in traffic or at a stoplight, the problem MAY be that the radiator fan isn't working properly.If it overheats when you're on the highway or under normal driving conditions, it COULD be any of the following:Thermostat. A sticking thermostat can either stick closed, in which case the engine will overheat immediately or it can stick open, preventing the engine from heating up to normal operating temperature. Sometimes a thermostat will sometimes stick open and sometimes stick closed.Radiator. A blocked radiator will cause an engine to overheat rather quickly. A '97 is old enough that the radiator can be blocked internally, especially if the coolant has not been properly maintained.Water pump. If the vanes of the water pump have worn out the pump may not be able to move enough coolant to keep the engine cool.Head gasket. If the engine has EVER been significantly overheated it could have damaged the head gasket. A damaged head gasket usually causes the coolant to blow out the coolant overflow.Cooling fan. A cooling fan problem can be caused by either an electrical problem (sensor, fuse, switch...) or a faulty fan motor.If the problem is a bad thermostat, replace it with a new one.If the problem is a blocked radiator, you CAN take it to a qualified radiator shop and they can often clean it for you.If the problem is a worn water pump, the only solution is to replace the water pump.If the problem is a faulty head gasket, you'll need to have the head removed, resurfaced and replace the head gasket.If the problem is the cooling fan, you'll need someone to trace down the exact nature of the problem.

If you see smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle this indicates a serious problem. Your car is overheating, this could be because of low coolant in the radiator or another problem with the radiator.

check the weep hole on the bottum of the power steering pump.. if it is leaking the pump could be the problem..

Low coolant Defective radiator cap Radiator plugged or air flow restricted Coolant fan sensor defective (should operate fan if coolant temperature exceeds 235 degrees)

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