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Women received men roles.


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Yes they were good because they made a change to the roman empire

Two changes that the Rightly Guided Caliphs made during their rule was the institution of consultation and meetings of the council.

They made everyone worship cows .

Outlawed gambling, dancing and other social functions. Encouraged education and made changes to marriage.

he made a lot of good changes to England and made England a lot better

The changes made during the Depression and World War II greatly expanded the powers of the Executive branch.

The country was poor and didn't have much money yet when she came she ruled for 61 years and made England one of the most wealthy in the world! queen Victoria made England rich and helped us to keep going I'm tempted to say none whatever. Many changes occurred during her long reign, but those made by the Monarch are probably few & inconsequential.

General Douglas MacArthur promised to return and he made good his promise.

Cleopatra was the very first female pharoah

the chromosomes lines up in the middle of the nucleus

Atoms have a negative charge when they gain electrons during chemical changes. Atoms are a basic unit of matter, and everything is made of atoms.

it was household skimmed milk not used for babies it is a good milk a work man made it

The USA made the most vehicles during WW2The USA made the most vehicles during WW2

changes temperately brought about by man are man made changes

Suddenly the world was taken over by uniwalruses and they made colour TV

Many people made positive changes in the world but i think the greatest examples would be Martian Luther king Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi they made these changes by standing up for what is right and they don't stop believing in what they do

The Council of Trent was a meeting in which the catholic leaders united to improve the catholic religion. They made these changes in response to the Protestant influences throughout Europe during the late 1300s.

The materials that roads and bridges are made of expand and contract with temperature changes. To prevent them from buckling during these temperature changes, they have flexible connections.

Australia received the "back-wash" of it's association(s) with the outside world. Hippies made their appearance, as well as the protesters, etc.

car manufacture was suspended during war

He moved the capital and made Christianity legitimate.

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