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Ingredients: a vagina and semen. Whether through sexual intercourse or insemination pregnancy will occur as long as an egg is present to fertilize. For this the female needs to know not only her menstruation cycle but her ovulation cycle. The sexual part is a little more interesting and personal versus the insemination.

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What are good ways to stop from getting your period monthly?

Get pregnant.

How are good ways to get pregnant with a boy?

Make him finish in you

Is estrogen or progesterone more important in getting pregnant?

progesterone in getting pregnant and estrogen in staying pregnant---so you need both good luck Joymaker RN

What is a good weight to be at if you are planning on getting pregnant?

140 lbs

How does soda feel about sandy getting pregnant?

he feels good.

What are the chance of getting pregnant if the codemn broke?

Chances are very good.

Exercising while pregnant?

is still good for u , but not to exercise more than u used to do before getting pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant with just one fallopian tube?

Chances are good

What are the chances of a 3 year old dog getting pregnant?

The chances of a 3-year-old dog getting pregnant are very good if the dog hasn't been spayed.

Can you get pregnant on low fertility days?

yes because you are fertile what if you had a very good motile sperm inside then there is a possibility of getting pregnant.

What are your chances of getting pregnant after having a laparoscopic surgery for an obsess?

As good as they would be if you had not had this done.

Gin stop you from getting pregnant?

no Gin will not stop you from getting pregnant.

Where in your cycle do you have a high chance of getting pregnant?

chances of getting pregnant

Can shooting methamphetamine affect me getting pregnant?

Uh, yes? It can affect your health in many ways, including your reproductive tract.

How do you get pregnant without getting an STD?

Yes you can get pregnant without getting STDs.

Can bv prevent you from getting pregnant?

BV shouldn't prevent you from getting pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant when the sperm does not enter the body?

There is no chance of getting pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant with out a condom?

Assuming that no other form of birth control is used (including withdrawal or coitus interuptus) in a year of typical sex 85 of 100 women will get pregnant. In other words, you chances of getting pregnant are very good.

Am I pregnant if I am two weeks late and My BF is using withdrawal method and he's pretty good at it for 6 years now?

6 years of using the withdrawal method without getting you pregnant is very good. However the odds are pretty good that he will get you pregnant that way.

Can you get pregnant using a condom and pulling out when ovulating?

No so long as the condom is in good order and covers the penis there is no chance of getting pregnant even without puling out. that is what they are supposed to do, stop sperm from getting into the vagina.

What are the chances of getting pregnant a week before i got my period again?

The chances are very good

What are the chances of getting pregnant with a disabled person?

If there is no problem with the reproductive organs they are as good as any ones.

Can Calcium prevent a girl from getting pregnant?

No it cannot, in fact calcium is known to help prevent serious health complications in pregnant women, so is actually good for pregnant women.

You have regular periods but you can't get pregnant?

Get a ovulation kit they tell you when your ovulating and increase the chance of getting pregnant good luck hope for the best in the future!

How far in advance should one cease birth control pills when thinking of getting pregnant?

Six months is a good estimated time to cease taking birth control pills when thinking of getting pregnant. It is possible to get pregnant right away though.

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