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Google Mail works on both safari and Chrome. Chrome is a Google Product so it must run on chrome.

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Q: Googlemail works on safari but not Google Chrome?
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What are the similarities of Google Chrome and safari?

Google Chrome and Safari both are web browsers. Safari only works in Apple while Chrome is for Windows.

How does Google Chrome works?

Google Chrome works just like how Safari works. They're like Internet on Windows, but they're sometimes installed for Macbooks. Google Chrome works like how Internet works.

Is there a way to use mobileme without Firefox or safari?

MobileMe also works with Google Chrome.

Why Google Chrome not functioning with k9 web protection?

In what way doesn't it work? It works fine for me...I'm using Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera....all worked well.

What is facebook called on Google Chrome?

Facebook has no connection with Google Chrome whatsoever. It works the same way on Chrome as it works on other browsers.

Why doesn't wikianswers support Google Chrome?

WikiAnswers works fine in Google Chrome.

What can I do if I can't open my Google Chrome?

You can reboot it by restarting your system. If still not works, you can re-install Google Chrome.

Can the MacBook use Google Chrome?

Google Chrome works on a new MacBook, but not on the PowerPC processors from the last decade.

Google Chrome works for the internet but why explorer doesn't work?

Explorer works but it is slow as compared to Chrome. Chrome is one of the fastest browsers on the web.

Does Google Chrome works on Windows XP SP3?

Yes, Google Chrome can work on a desktop/laptop with Windows XP SP3.

Does do a barrel roll on Google work?

Yes, but it only works on Google Chrome.

Why doesn''t html work in Google Chrome?

HTML works in Google chrome easily. It supports the latest versions of HTML and CSS.

How come you can use Google toolbar with Mozilla but not with Google Chrome?

It's not necessary to have a search bar in Google Chrome since the URL box works as a search box too.

Why is Google Chrome AND Firefox not working while Internet Explorer works perfectly fine?

Google Chrome and Firefox use lot of memory. In case of low memory, Internet Explorer works great.

Does Chrome work yet with OSX 10.7.3?

Yes, Google Chrome works with Apple OS also. It works with OSX 10.7.3 and is fully functional.

Does Google Chrome work on an iPad?

Yes Google Chrome works fine with an iPad too. It has proper compatibility and gives the right amount of browsing speed.

Does answer com work with maxthon browser?

Works for me ith signing in, searching, answering and editing, everything works, mostly because Maxthon is actually internet explorer with more features. Maxthon 3 will not be internet explorer anymore. It will be the same engine as Safari and Google Chrome

What is the best android web browser?

Google Chrome because Google owns android it works flawlessly

Does meebo chat room work on Google Chrome?

Yes, Meebo Chat Room works easily on Chrome. There is an extension of Meebo on Chrome store as well.

Does Google Chrome cast work in India Samsung smart tv HDMI?

Yes the Google Chrome cast works in India Samsung smart TV HDMI because of the digital signal.

Does Google Chrome work on a Mac?

At release, Google Chrome only works with Microsoft Windows, however Mac OS X, as well as Linux versions are being developed for release at a later time.

How do you make a custom Tumblr dashboard theme?

this only works if you're using google chrome :)

How come in Google documents my changes aren't highlited when i use Firefox?

Google Documents works best in Google Chrome. Try switching browsers, then see if the problem is resolved.

How do you get Quicktime or Real Playaer to work on Google Chrome?

Quicktime does work in Google Chrome, but Real Player does not. You might want to reinstall Quicktime and make sure it's up-to-date. Real Player only works with certain browsers like IE.

How do you get favorites on Google Chrome?

On Chrome, favorites are called bookmarks. In the omnibox on the top, where the URL is, there's a star on the right side. If you click that, it will bookmark the page you are on. It works the same way as favorites, it just has a different name.