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Q: Had a bad rash the rash is gone but your skin is still itchy?
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Is rash and itchy skin a symptom?

of your crack

Why is my skin itchy i have a rash on my stomach that's red no bumps what would this be?

There are hundreds of possible explanations for an itchy rash on your stomach without red bumps. See your health care provider next week if it hasn't gone away, or sooner if you have other symptoms.

What could a severely itchy bubbly skin rash be?

Poison ivy?

What if your turtle has itchy skin?

if you turtle had itchy skin. i would recomend taking it to a vet . it might be something serious or maybe just a infection or dry skin or a rash

What are itchy red patchs on skin after extreme exposure to the sun?

heat rash

Can shingles be spread through skin contact?

Shingles is an outbreak of the chicken pox virus that causes a rash on the skin. But before the rash shows up, and after the rash is gone, the virus affects the nerves leading to the skin. Right before the rash shows up, a person affected by shingles might feel an itchy, burny pain in that area. After the rash is gone, the patient might have pain or discomfort in that area for some time -- again, related to the nerve involvement and not the skin rash itself. So, to be precise, shingles always develops "under the skin." The skin symptoms make it easiest to diagnose, but it's not the skin symptoms that cause the greatest aggravation with shingles.

What are the plants that make itching when contacted?

i think hibiscus gives itchy rash on skin.

Why are you itchy with no bites or rash?

Most likely overly dry skin. Try a moisturizer.

Sub surface red rash on body and itchy skin?

Use goldbond. it works great

What is skin irritation?

When skin gets dry or itchy, or breaks out in a rash or hives, all these are things that could be referred to as skin irritation. Some things that can cause skin irritation are allergies, chemicals, cosmetics, bug bites, sunburn, medications, and certain diseases.

What skin care product is available for sensitive skin but will help with a itchy rash?

It may sound a little funny, but diaper rash cream is great for rashes. It is made for the most sensitive skin and helps treat itchy rashes. You might try Aveeno Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream. It has very good reviews for helping this irritating problem.

Can high pH in water cause a skin rash?

Yes, pH levels can cause a rash and itchy skin. This is mainly due to allergies, and infections from too much yeast in the body.