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Take a pregnancy test. It sounds like implantation bleeding

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Q: Had one day of cramping and light spotting but no period?
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Can you still be pregnant if you had light spotting on the day of your period along with cramping?

If you only had light spotting and a bit of cramping and it has all stopped you may be pregnant.

Why am I Spotting cramping 1 day after period My period is over and then I started some light spotting with some very light cramps Made love on day five of pd nauseous day after Could I be preg?

You don't normally get symptoms until 2 weeks after sex at the earliest

Do you judge your period from the day of light spotting or from when you actually bleed heavy?

Even if your period begins with light spotting, it is still your period.

Are you pregnant if you started your period and it seemed normal for 2 days but day 3 was dark and then nothing but some light cramping and a slight bit of spotting?


Does cramping usually happen the day before you start spotting Like when you PMS?

Cramping can happen whenever! I sometimes get cramps 2 weeks before I actually start my period. My worse cramps come the day before and the day of my period.

You were only spotting for not even a full day and having some bad cramping?

You were only spotting for not even a full day and having some bad cramping?

What would cause a very light period that is one day late?


Is it possible to still get cramps and have spotting if you are pregnant?

My best friend and her mother both had their period for the entire pregnancy. Yes you can still have cramping and spotting. I found that during strenuous work or a stressful day, during my pregnancies, that spotting occurred. Also, you could be cramping because the uterus is growing as the baby grows.

Could you be pregnant if there was pinkish spotting on the day your period is due On the next day pinkish red spotting but not enough for a pad no cramping but sore breast and headaches?

That sound like your pregnant I had that same sign take a test

Could you be pregnant if your period is very irregular you had light pink spotting for three days with NO cramping you feel nauseated at different times of the day and you get really dizzy or hot?

at any point in your life that you are ovulating you can become pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you just have light spotting on the day you're supposed to start your period?


If you spot first then very lite then heavy when is first day of period?

Generally, if your spotting that singnals the beginning of your period. Unless you spot a couple days prior to your light flow, consider the spotting your first day.

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