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It could be because you're pregnant. Do a test to be certain. Or alternatively, your body may still be adjusting to not being pregnant. Congratulations on your baby.

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Q: Had second child 5 mo ago first two periods lots of cramping last period regular pain free lasted five days but 4 days later breasts sore cramps slight bloody muscous show why would this be?
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No periods but lots regular crampingnow tender heavy breasts?

Get a pregnancy test and take it!!!

Can you breast still be sore while on your period?

Breasts usually get sore when you are pregnant and not when you are having your regular periods.

Should you take a pregnancy test if your periods are very regular and you usually have tender breasts but you are late this month and do not have sore breasts?

If your are having unprotected sex then yes Absolutely!!!!

What changes appear when a girl is?

Once a girl becomes a young lady, her breasts start to form and she starts to get her regular periods.

You have been off the pill for 7 months and do not have regular periods you are having brown and pink discharge and you are cramping and bloated could you be pregnant?

What does everyone think?

Although my periods are normally regular as clockwork I was due wed first Oct and have been having cramping as if you were on your period but nothing yet and I am not sure why this could be?

have you had sexual intercourse recently? you may have become pregnant.

Follicle is not ruptured but periods are regular can you get pregnant?

One can always GET pregnant. You are probably not currently pregnant if you have regular periods.

Can you be pregnant inspite of regular periods?

it is possible. your regular 'periods' could be abnormal bleeding. my advice is to take a test.

What does the birth control effectiveness include?

Birth control has the following benfits: * Prevent pregnancy up to 98% * Stops Ovulation * Clears Oily skin * Cleans spots * Improve Oily hair & skin. * Regular monthly periods * Light periods * Less painful abdominal cramping.

What is the transition phase between regular menstrual periods and no periods?


Can you get pregnant when your periods are not regular?


You are 20 years girl not getting periods regular suggest tips?

my age is 21 years i am not getting regular periods what should i do?

Do you have regular periods after tubes tide?

the first cupple periods might be out of wack but yes it will.

The transition phase between regular menstrual periods and no periods at all is known as?


Do you have periods if you have endometriosis?

All women are different. Some women with endometriosis will not have regular periods. However, there are also women with endometriosis that either have irregular periods, or even those that have very regular periods. If you think you may have endometriosis, see your OB GYN.

Cramping but there isn't any blood problem is this normal?

Cramping can have other causes. There are a series of gall bladder and intestinal conditions that cause cramping. Constipation can cause cramping. Try high fiber diet with 6-8 glasses of water a day. If your bowels are regular, see a doctor for a physical.

Do womens periods really sync?

Women's periods never sync since some experience regular periods while others experience irregular periods.

Does a regular period mean that you ovulate every month?

maybe. you can have periods and not ovulate and you can ovulate and not have periods.

What term is used to designate the transition phase between regular menstrual periods and no periods?


Will birth control make periods regular?


What are the chances of of a woman getting pregnant if she has irregular periods?

the same as someone who has regular periods. having periods, in general, means that your body can have babies.

Why am I having irregular periods and unusual cramping?

One of the main factors in the menstrual cycle is age and how long you have been having your periods. If you are young and have just started it takes time for the hormones to settle into a regular cycle. Some women also have longer than 28 day cycles or have shorter ones as well. The cramping can be PMS and there are several ways you can help yourself with PMS. Stay away from junk food and high sugar foods ( I know you may crave them, but they don't help you), cut back drinking coffee and soft drinks, get a box of Midol at the drug store to help( this will help with the cramps, sore breasts, and back ache), and get some exercise . Irregular periods can also be brought on by stress and if you have been ill or had an infection. So, as you can see there are many reasons and for some women this is their "Normal." If this keeps up go see your doctor.

Which term describes the transition phase between having regular menstrual periods and no periods at all?


What is the term used to designate the transition phase between regular menstrual periods and no periods at all?


Can you tell when youre ovulating?

Depends on the person and if you are regular for your period. For me I have a slight cramping on either side of my uterus.