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Mark VI, CQB, EVA, Security, Mark V, ODST, Rouge, Scout, EOD, Hayabusa, Katana and the newest that came out recently is Recon

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How do you get armor on Halo 3?

To get armor on halo three... There are several types of armor such as the hayabusa. To get this armor you will need to obtain all of the skulls. But like I said before, there's all different kinds of armor.For more info, check out the site called

Real halo armor?

YEZ! real halo armor at

In halo three does armor change your ability?

No armour changes your ability to do anything

Do you get any armor when you get all Halo 2 skulls?

No, in Halo 2 you can not unlock armor.

What is all the armor on Halo 3?

What is the cheat for the halo armor for oblivion?

You have to download a mod, there is no halo armor in the game itself.

Is there an armor in Halo 3 that has a knife in the shoulder?

No, there is no armor in Halo 3 that has a knife in the shoulder.

How do you unlock recon armor in halo recon?

There is no such thing as "Halo Recon" There is Recon armor, but "in Halo Recon"? Doesn't exist.

What armor does master chief wear?

In halo he wears mark 1 armor in halo 2 he wears mark 2 armor

How do you get brute armor in Halo 3?

There is no Brute armor in Halo 3, only Elite and Spartan models.

What is the best armor on halo 3?

All the armor are the same it's just the way how you want to look WRONG! the best armor in halo 3 is the recon armor and you have to be a member of bungie OR get all 7 vidmasters in halo 3 ODST

What are all the Halo 3 armor permutations and how do you unlock them?

go to

What is the code for elite armor in halo reach?

We can not answer. You must have had to pr order halo reach to get elite officer armor.

While halo four have new armor?

* there is no halo 4

Can you get haybusa in halo reach?

No, there is no Hayabusa armor in Halo Reach.

How do you unlock all armor in Halo 3?

if you want to know how to unlock all the armor in halo 3 go to that is a video of how to unlock all the armor in halo 3.

Is halo armor sold?

Halo Reach armor is sold with a credit system which you earn credits in the game itself by playing. Halo 3 armor you must unlock with achievements and completing certain aspects of the game.

What is the cheat for all armor in Halo 3?

there is no permanent cheats in halo 3. you need to unlock them by achievments. and, you can not get the flaming armor effect, it is only for bungie employees. in halo reach, buy the legendary package to get that armor effect.

What is cooler hayabusa of recon armor in halo 3?

recon armor

How do you get security armor for Halo 3?

You have to get 1,000 gamerscore on Halo 3.

Is there Cheat to get armor on Halo 3?


How do you get the hayabusa armor on Halo 3?

to get hayabusa armor in halo 3 you must colect all skulls 4 complete set.

Why dont you have the Mark V Helmet in Halo 3?

In Halo 2, Master Chief has Mark VI armor which is an upgraded version of the Mark V armor from Halo 1. If you're looking for the reason why his armor had changed between Halo 2 & 3, I think they just upgraded it, but not enough to call it Mark VII armor.

Can you unlock hayabusa armor on halo reach?

For now, no. Although, in the near future a new kind of armor might be introduced, much like Recon armor was in Halo 3.

How do you unlock hyabusa armor in halo three without 1000 gamer score?

go to youtube and type in halo 3 skull hunting and there will be some videos telling you how