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Serial attached

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Q: Hard disks that are attached to the computer using an sata interface are identified as?
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Is computer disks are volatile?

Computer disks are not volatile. Only RAM is.

Can you play wii disks on a computer?

No, you cannot play Wii disks on a computer. Wii disks will only work in a Wii or Wii U console.

Can you use the word disks in a sentence?

The disks were in the computer, ready for class.

What is a disk array?

In its simplest form an Array is a series of hard disks conected to one desktop computer. More complex Arrays can be Redundant Array Inexpensive Disks or the Array could be Network Attached Storage depending on what the network requirements are.

Did the first computer have hard disks?


Can I connect a 2.5 inch hard drive to the floppy drive interface?

No. The floppy drive interface and the mini-ata interface on many 2.5 inch hard disks may appear compatible, but they are not.

Why is hardware installation important?

Installation disks contains all the important file that helps the computer to interfere with the hardware (meaning its working & functionality). If we do not install then it wont be able to recognise what has been attached to it.

What contains the computer critical data?

hard disks

How do you reboot your computer after you use iolo scrubber?

You should have the instillation disks that came with your computer. You saved them didn't you? Get them out and reinstall them. If you did not save them, you will need to go to a store and purchase new system disks. That will teach you to save the original instillation disks.

Toshiba Satellite X205-S9349 XP Restore Disk?

You should already have the restore disk. When most computer manufactures send you a computer, they send the operating system disks and driver disks with the new computer. If you didn't get those disks, contact Toshiba. If you don't get the disks, just download a Windows XP iso and an activation crack from

What do you mean by scuzzy?

"SCUZZY" in computer terms is actually spelt "SCSI" and stands for "Small Computer System interface". It is generally used to connect Hard Drives in either Stand Alone or RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) together to harness greater data transfer rates

Does previous owner keep install discs for mac os x when selling?

If your asking should YOU keep the disks when selling or giving away your computer, There's really no reason I can think of to keep the disks when selling the computer. For most computers, Mac or Windows, the OEM disks have all the repair and install applications on them for THAT particular computer so using them on another wouldn't work very well if at all. OEM disks (disks that came with the computer new) are made for that specific hardware in that computer, Retail disks have a generic installer with all model computers software that is compatible with that OS and will read the computer that it is copying to to just install the software for that model computer. If your asking if other people keep the install disks when selling then I can't answer that. Some do some don't.