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Most of the time a diesel has a hard time starting when its cool. When they have a hard time starting when hot, it is usually caused by the fuel running back into the tank. Check for a cracked fuel filter housing or a cracked low pressure fuel line. It is possible you have the wrong fuel filter. Install a top quality name brand filter like Wiks or Baldwin that has an anti bleed back valve in the filter.

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Q: Hard starting diesel engine when engine is hot?
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What causes hard starting when diesel engine is hot?

an air leak in the fuel system, timing out computer fault, lift pump faulty or failing,expensive. injectors dirty or warn, injector pump fault- expensive

When air in the cylinder of a diesel engine is compressed it?

it gets hot, and ignites the diesel fuel that is injected by the fuel injectors.

How does a Bollinger engine work?

The engine is a 2 stroke 'semi' diesel. Inlet and exhaust are as per 'normal' two stroke diesel but the injected fuel is not ignited by compression alone as in a normal diesel. Instead a 'hot bulb' on the cylinder head is heated with a blow-lamp before starting and heat from this, transferred to a tube in the combustion chamber which ignites the fuel to start the engine. Once running the engine itself maintains the temperature. Often called a Hot Bulb Engine.

What are diesel engines?

The Diesel cycle engine was named after the German engineer who invented it, Rudolf Diesel. A Diesel engine uses two principles: air gets hot when you compress it, and fuel will ignite if it gets hot enough. The engine compresses air introduced into the cylinder to a very high pressure. When fuel is injected it immediately ignites.

You accidentally put diesel fuel in your riding lawn mower and started it. What can I do?

Drain it and dilute with gas while engine is hot so that you can burn it out. You will be hard pressed to crank it cold on diesel. If the engine is cole, spray carb cleaner in carb to warm it and burn it clean.

What are the valve clearance on the 3L Toyota Diesel engine?

0.25-0.35mm IN 0.35-0.45mm EX --> ENGINE HOT

How is NOx formed?

nox is formed from the hot combustion air coming out of the diesel engine

What is the Valve clearance for 1966 ford diesel 172 cui engine?

.014/.016 hot

Why is carburetor used in petrol engine but not in diesel engine?

a petrol engine needs to mix its air and fuel before passing it into the combustion chamber before being ignited diesel has its air mixture heated as the piston compresses it in the combustion chamber then the atomized diesel fuel is injected into the hot air and is ignited.

Does engine require more starting amps hot than cold?


Why does 383 Stroker Diesel when shut off hot?

usually to cause an engine to diesel when shut off, the spark plugs are dirty or burned out.also check the timing

What is the effect of mixing diesel fuel and jet fuel?

It will dramaticly reduce the fuels flashpoint causing the engine designed for diesel fuel to run hot and cause detination

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