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Has Batista really left Evolution for good and who is the new Face and the new Heel?

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I don't know nothin' about no face or Heel, but yes, he left for good. You thought a Batista Bomb wouldn't end Evolution as a trio?

Batista is being pushed as the top face right now.

Batista is the new face, Chavo is a heel, but may "lurk" and not be straight out heel. HHH will still be a heel.

One the April 4, 2008 edition of Smackdown, Batista turned heel

2015-07-15 20:44:46
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What is a face and heel in wrestling?

AnswerA face in wrestling is basically the good guy in the match, and the heel is the bad guy of the match. For example, Batista vs. Triple H: Batista = Heel, Triple H = Face.

Is Randy Orton a heel or face?

he was a heel until the royal rummble but now he is a face

Is aj styles a face or heel?

He is a heel now

How do WWE superstars turn to heel or face?

They turn face or heel by having a story line.

Is Kane face or heel?

Right now Kane is a heel.

Was Vader heel or face in wwf?

Vader was a heel in the wwf and also a heel in wcw too.

What does heel and face mean in WWE?

A heel in professional wrestling is a villain character. A face in professional wrestling is a hero character. The vast majority of wrestling storylines place a heel against a face. A face character and a heel character are entirely kayfabe (not real) and do not show there true personality.

Is Samoa Joe from TNA a face or heel?

Samoa Joe is a heel.

Is Triple H currently a face or Heel?


Why did Batista turn heel?

it's all a play.. Vince McMahon and others write these stories. i think its because Batista is nicknamed the animal and Vince McMahon decided that we really sall the animal in Batista at bragging rights when he attacked Rey mysterio possibly leading up to a 5-5 survivor series elimination match in Batista's hometown of dc and him not really caring about all of them

Is chris Jericho heel or face?

I guess he will be a face this time

Is sheamus a face or a heel in wrestling?

I believe he's a Face. :)

Is Zack ryder face or heel?

Zack Ryder is face.

Who is face or heel in legends of WrestleMania?

You would have to watch the entrances on youtube and listen to the crowds reaction. If its booing he is a heel if its cheers he's a face.

Did batista and rey beat big show and chris Jericho?

yes when show knocked rey outokay you said show knocked rey out which he did but he is asking if rey and batista beat show and Jericho which they did not which in my mind will lead up to a batista heel turn

Is Cena a Heel?

No, he is a Face ... a good guy.

What does face mean in wrestling?

a face is a good guy and a heel is a bad guy

When did Randy Orton turn heel?

August 2004 after becoming the youngest world heavyweight champion, then betrayed Evolution no what u talking about evolution betrayed himm get ya facts straight. he turned heel when he challenged undertaker at wrestlemania.

When did Chris Jericho turn heel?

Chris Jericho turned heel at Backlash 2008, where he was the special guest referee in the match between Shawn Michaels and Batista. Batista hit the Batista Bomb on Michaels and went for the pin. Jericho made a fast count and Michaels still kicked out. Jericho refused to count when Michaels had Batista pinned with the Sweet Chin Music. Michaels and Jericho got into an argument, Jericho threw a punch, Michaels ducked and hit the Sweet Chin Music on Jericho. Michaels used Jericho's hand to count the pin on Batista and win the match.

Is Raven a face or a heel?

He was a heel superstar before he left He's neither like austin, he acts bad but gets cheered for it...least in ECW he did...not in WWF heel

What is a heel on WWE?

A heel on WWE is a villain character A heel on WWE is the bad guys or girls who everyone boos at. A face on WWE is the good or girls that everyone cheers for.

When did the Undertaker turn heel?

2002-2003, then turned face and has been face ever since

Is the Great Muta face or Heel?

The legendary Great Muta has always been a heel wrestler throughout his illustrious career.

Why did edge turn heel?

Because Edge is a better heel than face, He wasn't that good as a face, He didn't get a full reaction and he had a lame chant: Spear Spear Spear Spear Spear

When did John Morrison turn heel?

July 15, 2008 Nope.....when he debuted on Smackdown, he and Joey were heels, Since his call up to the mail rosters he has wrestled as nothing but a heel he has not been a face. 8/28/09 He Hasn't turned heel. Cause when he came to the wwe he already was heel then he turned face sometime in 2009 When he had called Chris Jericho a loser and got slapped across face.