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Yes, his contract was done, on Holloween, and he decided not to keep Wrestling. Go to, for an interview with Christian, about his reasons for leaving.

AnswerI don't know if anyone watches TNA Impact now that it's on Spike TV, but that is where Chritain is now. On his TNA debut, he said he wanted to be somewhere where he would get the respect he deserved. And here I thought he said he was done with wrestling completely. AnswerYes Answerno hes just taking a break 2 rite a book in syberia Answeron Halloween christain left to join tna but he`s also writing a book when he finishes his book he`ll join wwe witch will be at the great American bash

I doubt he will WWE never gave him any title shots after he saplit from Edge

AnswerChristian is going back as Kurt Angle said last night on Impact! ANSWERNo he has returned somtime in March 2009
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Q: Has Christian left WWE for good?
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Wwe Christian and edge real brother?

no but the are good freinds

When will Christian return to WWE?

Christian is already with the WWE. He is part of smackdown

Did Mr. Kennedy play a good guy or a bad guy right before he left WWE?

before he left the WWE Mr. Kennedy was a baaby face or good guy.

Was mr kennedy a good or bad guy before he left WWE?

Before Mr. Kennedy left WWE, he was a heel, or bad guy.

Has john cena left WWE for good?

No. He hasn't actually left. it is just a storyline

Is Christian Cage going to be leaving TNA for WWE?

Shh! TNA is secretly a low dominance brand in WWE. Christian Cage may be a good wrestler, but if TNA doesn't get some popular wrestlers, Christian Cage is going to stay where he is.

Christian cage And WWE?

Christian Cage returned to WWE at ECW on the 10th of February 2009

Is Christian from WWE a Christian?

Yes.He is a born again Christian

Who sings WWE Christian theme?

Christian does

Is Christian cage really Christian from WWE?


Where is WWE jbl?

He has left WWE.

What happened to kronik in WWE?

They left the wwe. The wwe was not happy with their in ring skills and wanted them to improve which they were not willing to do so. So, they left wwe

Is WWE Christian gay?


Is WWE Christian died?


What WWE Christian height?

Christian is 6'1 [6.1] feet

Is WWE's Christian going to TNA?

no Christian is not going to TNA

Are most people in the WWE Christian?

Yes they are mostly christian

How many superstars went from tna to WWE?

2. R truth and monty brown. Only two Tna originals to come to wwe. Jeff Hardy, Gail kim and Christian all came back to wwe after they left Tna

Is christian cage coming back to WWE?

Christian has gone to ECW wich boght wwe so there the same buisness and christian can get drafted to wwe smackdown or raw. Christian just won the ECW championship at backlash 2009 from jack swager the all American American

Has Shawn micheals left WWE?

yes he is gon for good (i wish he would of won)

Will john cena left WWE for good?

yes he has. but he hasn't confirmed that he is coming back.

Where Batista is gone after leaving WWE?

Why batista left wwe intresting question answer is he left wwe and went to mma.

What is the WWE Storyline?

It is like Edge and Christian they are brothers in WWE but in real life no

What is wwe Christian cage's finisher?

Christian's finisher is called the Killswitch.

What is the age of WWE Christian?

Christian is 36 years old as of 2010.