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Polution? (:

do you see that answer right hter? right there? its wrong! dont trust this site! dont use this site! its wrong, it gave me the wrong answeres!! a complete waste of time!

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What causes all of the changes that take place in earth's atmosphere?

what causes all of the changes that take place in earths atmosphere is the tilt of the earths axis

What causes a meteoroid to enter earths atmosphere?

The meteoroid heats up and sometimes breaks throught the atmosphere

What causes a meteoroid to enter the earths atmosphere?

A meteoroid will enter Earth's atmosphere when pulled in by Earth's gravitational pull.

What causes the burning of a shooting star as it enters earths atmosphere?

Atmospheric friction causes a buildup of heat that vaporizes it.

What causes meteors to enter earths atmosphere?

Gravity. And the meteor is on a path that intersects the orbit of the Earth.

Describe how the composition of gases changes as you travel up through Earths atmosphere?

As you go higher in the atmosphere the gases start to compose or join together which causes them to change since there is mixture of more than one gas. Sometimes they form a different element when certain gases form.

What causes the craters in the moon?

Impacts by meteors are the source of craters on the Moon. As there is no atmosphere on the Moon, the meteors do not burn up as happens in Earths atmosphere.

Why is Carbon-Oxygen2 important for the earths atmosphere?

It is not, because the greenhouse affect causes global warming.

What causes a meteor to burn?

gases combined with the speed, plus the passing through earths atmosphere. Or to answer in a word........friction!

How does the composition of gases change as you travel up through earths atmosphere?

As the gases go higher in the atmosphere they start to compose or join together at some point which causes them to change since there is mixture of more than one gas, sometimes they form a different element when certain gases form

What effects does oxygen have on the earths atmosphere?

Without its oxygen content the Earth's atmosphere would be composed almost entirely of nitrogen and would be chemically inert; oxygen causes the atmosphere to be chemically active (and breathable by humans).

How does the greenhouse effect affect the earths atmosphere?

The greenhouse effect causes the earth's atmosphere to hold in more heat radiation than it should. It is caused by envirormentally harmful chemicals entering the atmosphere, like carbon dioxcide. This ,in turn, causes the global temperature to increase global warming.

When aspacecraft comes back into the earths atmosphere it becomes very hot why?

Because of friction with the atmosphere. A returning spacecraft is moving very fast and impact with air molecules causes the heating.

What gas causes the ice to melt?

Gas does not directly cause Ice to melt. However if you are talking about glaciers then the gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2) causes the earths atmosphere to heat up (because it traps more of the Sun's heat) and this causes glaciers to melt - because the Earths climate is hotter.

Has the atmosphere always had the same composition?

No, it has changed over time. The original atmosphere of the Earth was mostly carbon dioxide with some water vapour, ammonia and methane, and was probably formed by volcanic outgassing. Living things introduced oxygen, and were one of the causes of reduced carbon dioxide. The ammonia then reacted with the oxygen.

Does gravity cause earths land water and atmosphere to bulge slightly towards the moon?

The moons orbit causes the water to do this. The gravitational pull of the moon causes the water to be pushed and pulled

What causes a meteorid to glow and become visible on earth?

Friction caused by the Earths atmosphere heats up the outer surface, making it glow.

How do humans affect the earths atmosphere?

by creating carbon dioxide and monoxide(look in dictionary) which damages the o-zone layer which causes gobalwarming

What causes the air in earths atmosphere to move?

The heating of the air goes up while heating and when it gets to the top and goes to the bottom it cools

What causes friction on a meteoroid and makes it glow?

The has molecules in the earths atmosphere. The speed of the meteor against these will cause a lot of friction, enough to burn it.

What causes atmosphere to get hotter?

The sun is one factor that causes the atmosphere to get hotter.

How do air currents affect heat in Earths atmosphere?

Air currents affect heat by absorbing the particles which causes the particles to expand to make it even hotter.

What causes shooting stars the streaks of light that cross the night sky?

Shooting stars are actually asteroids that pass through the edge of our atmosphere.

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