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"No, he hasn't won a single Royal Rumble match." = FALSE.

Actually, Jake The Snake HAS won a 22 man Royal Rumble match. It was on March 14th, 1988 at a Houseshow*** in the Meadowlands Arena in NJ. I know this because it was the first ever Wrestling show I ever attended and I still have the ticket stub and program. The Rumble was the second match on the card. The first was The Conquistodores vs The Young Stallions. All of the participants in the Rumble had matches later in the night except for George The Animal Steel and Dangerous Danny Davis. Animal Steel hung out outside the ring for most of the match much like he did in Wrestlemania 4 which was 2 weeks later. Hogan, Bam Bam, Dibiase, Warrior, and Andre were not at this event even though Bam Bam is on the cover of the program. Other matches and participants were Muraco vs Rude, Steamboat vs Honky Tonk Man, Killer Bees vs Hart Foundation, Strike Force vs Bolshevics, (Jake) vs Hercules and the main event which lasted about 90 seconds was Savage vs One Man Gang. Gang missed an avalanche and a splash after an early advantage and Savage hit a quick pin. Savage's entrance and win are still 2 of the biggest pops I've ever heard in person and I've been to over 200 live wrestling shows.

****A house show is a non-televised event.

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Q: Has Jake the snake Roberts ever win a royal rumble?
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Jake 'The Snake' Roberts was born on May 30, 1955.

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