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Has Kane always been the same person beneath the mask?


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If you mean is the current Kane the same one as the masked Kane then yes.


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Kane has always been the same person.

Yes, Kane has always been Glen Jacobs

No glen jacobbs has always been kane.

Yes Kane has always been Glenn Jacobs since 1997.

no he was dr isaac yankem before he was Kane

Yes character "KANE" has always been played by Glenn Jacobs since 1997.

It's not a new masked Kane it is Glenn Jacobs who has always been Kane and he has always used his left hand

The real Kane has always been Glen Jacobs. Imposter Kane was played by Drew Hankinson. Who is now Festus.

yes other than the short lived duel Kane program the wwe ran after the realese of the Kane movie see no evil

The same ones that are now. Mark Calaway has always been the undertaker and Glenn Jacobs has always been Kane.

Kane and undertaker are brothers, and they've always hated each other. they've competed in inferno matches, burried alive matches, and casket matches. Kane has always seemed to have gotten rid of undertaker, but the undertaker always seems to "return from the dead". it's been a while since taker and Kane have been in the same ring. (as of may 2012) but don't expect that to last long ;)

Both versions of Kane were played by Glen Jacobs. Who also stars in WWE's feature length movie 'See No Evil'.AnswerKane As Always Been The Same Guy You Could Not Find Another 6ft 7 - 300 + pounder With The Same Body Type And Attitude Remember Where all Different in WaysAnswerYes the unmasked and masked Kane are the same but before the masked Kane ever debuted there was another guy named Kane in the wwethe masked Kane was tronger than the unmasked Kane

In real life Kane has been married twice

No... Kane has been married for 14 years and has two stepdaughters...

Kane was injured and has been recovering for his big return!!!

Italy has not been "found". It has always been there.

because when the fail you again you will have been expecting it

No. In fact, Jason Vorhees has been played by many actors & stunt men. The most famous, & probably the best Jason ever, is Kane Hodder. He's the only person who has played Jason Vorhees more than twice.

Kane has been married since 1995.Death Valley

This is probably the fact that the person who is dreaming has been with this person and so they have been thinking about them, therefore they are in their dream.

As of December 18, 2012, there had been 177 civil unions in Kane County.

Abyss was not the orignal Kane, Abyss' gimmick is a cross between Kane and Mankind. There has only been one Kane on WWE and that is Glen Jacobs.

The same person it has always been Vince McMahon

its not possible if they always been blind

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