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Has LEGO made a halo game?


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no there has been many rumours but LEGO said there is no plans for a Lego halo game

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There will not be a Lego Halo. It was a generated Internet Hoax. Lego fans have made a few Lego Halo sets for sale, but there are no official Lego Halo sets around, nor game.

No, Lego Halo does not exist.

There is no halo game. Lego doesn't license it

I doubt it, because halo is to violent of a game for Lego to come out with. But I've seen a few on eBay, which are fan made. But no, it will be unlikely for Lego to push forward a Lego Halo.

No. There is no Lego Halo. It the game was a Hoax, and there are no sets for it. There are fans building Lego Halo, but not the Official Lego group.

No. There is no Lego Halo, only Megablocks Halo Universe sets.

There isn't a Lego Halo video game. Mega Blocks is like Lego and has build-able Halo products.

There is no proof possible Lego can not make a Halo game

No, Lego doesn't even make halo products.

There is no Lego Halo. If you have seen one, it would be 100% from a Lego fan. You will have to look around in Ebay, as Lego never made any Halo, or related sets.

they made halo in mega blocks

if u are talking about the game there is no Lego brand things but there is this other brand of Lego things but it is only halo guys. also go on spawn.com to see halo toys.

There is no Lego Halo, so there will not be Lego Halo sets. You can buy fan made sets, but there are no official sets. eBay is a great place to buy custom Lego sets and minifigures.

How would you know. they have not made Lego halo yet and won't. Lego games like Indy and Star wars are only if there is Lego setts.

Not Lego halo but there are halo megablocks sets.

No. Mega-Bloks has a Halo line however. But the quality is not as good as anything Lego would produce. But a Lego Halo line wouldn't exist either way, Lego wants to keep their sets clean of violence.

Unfortunately there isn't a game called Halo Lego, it was a hoax for April Fools Day. There are though, plenty of Lego console games available, including Batman and Star Wars.

not that i can find right now

No if you saw the poster it was fake

Lego Halo will not be real. So probably Lego Star Wars 3 or lego harry potter 2

I'd like Lego agent the video game I don't think there will be a Lego Spider-man, well next anyway, because the next Lego game is Lego Halo for sure.

There are Halo Mega blocks. They are similar to Lego.

Microsoft has given up on the Idea and there will be no LEGO Halo or Halo DS.

No. There is no Lego Halo, only Megablocks Halo Universe sets.

No. There is no Lego Halo, only Megablocks Halo Universe sets.

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