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Not at all. All of their music is really good. Even their fourth album "A Thousand Suns", which is termed as their worst one has actually quite good songs. Songs like Waiting for the End are quite famous and the band was also praised for the song When they come for me which was quite unique and original.

You may compare this album to their first two Hybrid Theory and Meteora, but try to understand that Linkin Park play different genres and so the comparison ultimately comes down to personal preferences.

Also note that there latest album The Hunting Party is more like their two original albums. Hence they have not lost their "touch". In fact with their age, their music is also maturing.

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It all depends on your taste. Their new album, 'Living Things' is coming out June 26, 2012, so listen to that album, and decide if you're still a fan.

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Q: Has Linkin Park lost their touch?
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