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Sure it is very much possible. Orton is one of the top WWE superstars and is a main-event guy almost all the time. He is the current reigning WWE Champ. In future once his reign as the WWE Champ is over, he may enter a feud for the world heavyweight title. He is a former multi-time WWE and world heavy weight champion in the WWE

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Yes, he lost it on a DQ stipulation after low blowing Christian at Money in the Bank 2011.

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Nobody knows but maybe he will because he got his henchmen to help him.

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28 days.

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Q: Has Randy Orton lost his World Heavyweight Championship?
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What WWE belts did Randy Orton have?

Randy Orton has had the World Heavyweight Championship, United states Championship, And WWE Championship but not for very long!

Who will win the world heavyweight championship?

after randy orton it will be mark henry, christian, randy orton then sheamus

What started Randy Orton's rivalry toward Triple H?

when randy orton won the world heavyweight championship

In what event did Randy Orton win the world heavyweight championship?

it was at summerslam

How old was Randy Orton when he won the world heavyweight championship?


How may tiles has Randy Orton won?

2 titles (wwe championship & world heavyweight championship)

Did Randy Orton win the world heavyweight championship yesterday on smackdown?

yes he beat christian

Has Randy Orton ever held the US title?

Randy Orton has never worn the U.S. title. Orton has won nearly every other major title including the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, World Tag Team Championship (Rated-RKO) and finally the Intercontinental Championship.

Has Randy Orton lost the world heavyweight championship?

Yes. To Christan At money in the bank 2011 And to Rey mysterio.

Who was the youngest prize fighter to ever win the heavy weight championship or the world?

Randy Orton was the youngest World Heavyweight Champion

Who won the world heavy weight championship at over the limit 2011?

Randy Orton become still World Heavyweight Champion.

Who is world heavyweight champion wrestling?

the current world heavyweight champion is randy orton!