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Has Randy Orton won or lost more matches?

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He's won more even though he got disqualified a lot.

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Is Randy Orton stronger then Triple H?

(2010) um nop triple h has won more matches and more golds than randy orton and if triple h returns to wwe he will continue to win more matches and golds so triple h is stronger!


I think randy orton have more than 5 girlfriend

Who has won more matches rey mysterio or Randy Orton?

rey mysterio. rey started wrestling in 1989 and randy orton started in 2000, rey must have won more if he was wrestling for 11 more years than orton.rey mysterio is also a veteran of wrestling.

Is Randy Orton and Kyle Orton brother?

No more since Randy punted Kyle skull in Kansas City.

Who is stronger Randy Orton or the rock?

I love Randy Orton more than the rock, but I think and lots of people think that the rock is stronger than randy.

Who is the man that Stacy keibler love more Randy Orton or Test?


Who is more powerful Randy Orton or john cena?

John cena by far but I prefer randy to john

How many times has John Cena defeated Randy Orton?

john defeated randy more times we can count

Who is liked more- John Cena or Randy Orton?

John Cena is liked more by the WWE universe, but Randy is a very good second.

Who is better John Cena Randy Orton or Batista?

Orton easily because he has more to him he is a way better decorated superstar then cena and batista

Does Randy Orton do drugs?

yes his abuse are of pills cocain stereoids and a lot of more

Who is better Randy Orton or john cena?

If I liked Randy Orton or not (which I don't) I reckon he's no where near as good as John Cena. Cena I believe has so much potential and momentum from the crowds. randy Orton is called the viper cause usually beside in hell in a cell and when he beat Chris Benoit for the worlds championship has he ever played fair except in no dq encounters while cena is described has having alot of strength and with the fans cena is more popular and it does not matter if cena has 5 in ring moves or not Orton always without help seems to in one fall matches without help lose to john cena in my mind cena accomplished more by proving himself while Orton did not Well John Cena is very hot, compared to randy orton hes ugly a cheater n always needs help to win his matches. John Cena is not that way he actually is very strong n knows how to wrestle. N one more thing John Cena is VERY HOT!!!!!!! I LOVE JOHN CENA!!!!!!!! Randy Orton is a beeeeeeep!! This might not be what the question was but dx is better than anyone else in the wwe and always will be so SUCK IT!!!!!!

Where can one get pictures of Randy Orton's tattoos?

One can get pictures of Randy Orton¥_s tattoos at Fan Pop, WWE, Photobucket, Tattoo-pictures, Facebook, Vanishing Tattoo and many more. Randy Orton is a famous American professional wrestler and also an actor.

Does Randy Orton look different these days?

No he has a few more tattoos but otherwise looks the same

How much can Randy Orton bench press in lb?

405 lbs but use to be more 445lbs.

Did Randy Orton kick batista in the skull?

No but Randy Orton did break Bataista's arm.He didnt do it alone .He did it with legacy. Batista was rushed to the hospital . A few hours later Triple H retured and beat up legacy plus Randy Orton.Go to WWE.com for more Information

Can Randy Orton retain World Heavyweight title by defeating Mark Henry at Night of champions 2011?

Yes. He will win. Randy is now totally changed. He is not legend killer anymore. He is now the hero of wwe and the apex predator of wwe. And he has beaten mark henry before on smackdown with a devastating RKO. So chances of randy orton are more than Mark Henry. Gud Luck Randy Orton .

Who better Triple H or Randy Orton?

Triple H is better hes had more matchs and won more golds.

How did Randy Orton won the you quit macth?

he lost but when McMahon went to fire him he punched him in the face and kicked him in the skull. here are the victims of the orton punt HHH,Batista,Vince Mcmahon,Matt Hardy,John cenas father, John Cena? i think,many more.

What WWE wrestlers are married?

randy orton n john cena n many more people

How long is Randy Orton going to be out?

As of now the speculation is 2 to 3 months. It may be more also.

Are WWE extreme rules matches planned?

Yes! Some of them are Batista vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship; Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk; Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship and more!

How many test matches has India won so far?

India has won more than 100 matches,more matches lost than more matches won, but still it is the no.1 test side!!!!!

Randy Orton WWE superstar musicdownload?

you can download it off this site and loads more http://www.funmaza.com/wwe_enterance_themes.html

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