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Serbia was one of the countries created by a civil war that tore the Republic of Yugoslavia apart. This war occurred between 1992 and 1995. From that time on, they have been in a constant state of conflict.


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There was never yugoslav civil war. Serbia attacked coutries that alredy had their independence.

Because they thought Serbia were scum and had disliked them ever since the assassination. :P

There is no chance that there will ever be a civil war in the United States.

Which civil war are we talking about? Do you mean the invasion of Serbia by Austria-Hungary? If so, yes, as that was the basis of World War 1.

Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Crotia etc...

Croatia and Slovenia declared their independence in 1991 and Serbia disagreed with that decision. At the beginning there were a few conflicts and then it grew into a war between Croatia and Serbia. Slovenia and BiH were attacked too. But Croatia suffered the most. War in Slovaenia lasted for 10 days i think but the war in BiH was the most terrible thing ever seen. Serbians were killing everyone who is not serbian - croats, mulims and bosniaks. The relationship Croatia and BiH to Serbia is still tense.

The Civil War was remembered in history because it was the bloodiest war ever fought on organized American soil.

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There have been countless civil wars in the continent of Africa.

No not really but he was a commander for the Civil War

There was no way Serbia could avoid Yugoslav war, because if there was Serbia would have done it...

Austria declared war on Serbia because they were afraid of the Serbs joining Serbia so they were looking for an excuse to crush Serbia.

Yes. The Irish Civil War ran from the 28th of June 1922 to the 24th of May 1923.

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Yes, there was a civil war in El Salvador. also their war congress places of death and fear to people who had war with El Salvador?

Serbia was in WWI because Austria-Hungary declared war on them.

Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.Civil war.

It is unlikely that the US will ever split again as in the Civil War. There is too much economic connection across the entire nation.

Probably not. There is nothing that could spark a Civil War. Although we get in war with neighboring countries someday, but it is very unlikely.

When Russia found out that Austria-Hungary was declaring war on Serbia, they came into alliance with Serbia for several reasons.

Costa Rica has had a civil war, but never a war with other countries.

Beside Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia & Montenegro were involved too, which inputs that this was not a Civil war. Actually it was aggression of other two countries on one independent country accepted by UN and EU.

Austria declared war on Serbia on July 28, 1914.

The 1st country to declare war on Serbia was Austria-Hungary.

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