Has anyone ever had any dealings with diamond pools or diamond industries and are they a reputable company?

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We are actually dealing with them right now... we are waiting for a pool to be put in.
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What is the heaviest diamond ever found?

the san juan museum dug up the 147,690 pound diamond.. The world's heaviest diamond was the 106 gm / 530 carat Cullinan Diamond, found in South Africa in 1909. It now sits on the royal scepter in The Tower of London.

How do you use diamonds on pool table?

\nUse the diamonds as numbers. Then add the numbers of the cue ball and the ball you are trying to hit to get where to aim.

Does anyone have a cyndaquil on Pokemon Diamond?

bboiz1: I am willing to give you a lvl.6 Charmander or any of thelvl.40 Regi's (except regigigas) plz. so if anyone has a cyndaquil, i will give you one of theabove

Does anyone have a shiny charzard in diamond?

No i don't ,. but i have a dark charzard it is on level 100 it knows the strongest attacks in the world!. Shiny charzard is so last Year, dark charzard is even stronger than a shiny one:). i have 1 but what would you give me

Was the diamond ever found from the Titanic?

no one is sure that anyone has found the diamond from titanic . There was NO diamond. Another Answer . The diamond used as a plot device in the movie, Titanic, was simply that: a plot device. .

Are there any reputable credit solutions companies?

Not that I know of. They basically take your money (that SHOULD be used toward paying off debt) and give you a false sense of security. Credit Solutions is the country's largest one, and they were sued for getting their customers in worse shape than before. There is no magic wand to fixing debt, I'm ( Full Answer )

Where on earth can anyone find diamonds?

You can find diamonds on every continent on earth except Europe andAntarctica. If you simply want to try your chances of picking up a diamond, youcan visit the Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas, USA.There, you can dig for diamonds and keep any that you find.

What branch of science deals with diamonds?

Gemology is the branch of science that deals with natural and artificial gems and gemstones. Diamonds are the most popular gemstone which loved by girls.

How are industrial diamonds formed?

Industrial diamonds are formed at the same time and in the sameplaces as gem-quality diamonds. Industrial diamonds represent about80% of all diamonds mined.

With a new pool surface installed- Diamond Brite or any aggregate surface- is it possible or doable to acid wash the pool with water in the pool?

If you did you would end up with very acidic water. a good way to clean pool surfaces with the water still in in most case, it is to simply use a high pressure water sprayer with nothing but water. You will end up with cloudy water that you can then hit with a clarifier allow it to settle for a coup ( Full Answer )

Is Neil Diamond dating anyone?

There are rumors in the fan community based on various facts that he may be seeing his manager for the last 3 years or so. He did say in a recent interview that he has been seeing someone, and she is the one that he is seen with everywhere.

Is Neil Diamond living with anyone?

Yes. He met her during a concert tour in Australia in 1995. She was selling t-shirts for the tour. When he left Australia, she came with him. You see, miracles do happen.

Why are diamonds used in industry?

Diamond is the hardest natural mineral rated as 10 on the MohsScale of hardness. Eighty percent of all diamonds mined areindustrial diamonds, used to sharpen, harden and make tools moreprecise and durable. Industrial diamonds are not gem-quality; they are cloudy,mal-formed groups of crystals and lac ( Full Answer )

Pokemon diamond where to get a ever stone?

Go to Snowpoint city, go to the house in the top left corner of the city, inside the house, there is a young, blond-haired girl. Talk to her and she will ask you if you will trade her a medicham (catch in mt coronet). After catching medicham, go back to the house in snowpoint with medicham in your p ( Full Answer )

Can anyone create a real diamond?

Probably not just 'anyone'. People create diamonds in laboratories, using extremely high heat and pressure, so you'd need raw materials and access to a lab like this one to create a real diamond.

What companies buy blood diamonds?

Well Blood Diamonds are normal diamonds that have been fought for, like in a war if there were diamonds and people killed other people for them, then they are blood diamonds. (they are not red as some people think). So any mineral company will buy a 'Blood Diamond' for more than a ordinary diamond, ( Full Answer )

Diamonds on a pool table mean?

The billiard table diamonds, which are often dots rather than diamonds, are placed on the rails to divide the table. The foot string, head string, and table center are found by using the diamonds. In addition, they can be used to determine bank shot calculations. Their distance from playing surface ( Full Answer )

Where can you get good deals on diamonds?

'Good deals' are always relative. Generally, you'll pay less for a diamond on the secondary market than you will when you buy a diamond from a jeweler or a diamond business. It's important, however, that you understand that a diamond is valued by its cut, its colour, its clarity and its carat ( Full Answer )

What are some uses of diamonds in the industry?

Because diamonds are the hardest mineral, industrial diamonds are used to drill, polish and otherwise cut, finish and fashion other materials, including other diamonds.

Who are the leading players in the diamond industry?

The top player in the diamond business is DeBeers. Other companies that are coming on line, based on mines being developed over the last 20-50 years are those based in Canada and in Australia. Rio Tinto Group is active in Canada and Argyle is active in Australia. As above, once the stones are min ( Full Answer )

Does the awareness of blood diamonds by consumers concern the diamond industry?

The diamond industry has promoted the Kimberley Process as a way to educate consumers about the sources of diamonds. Their concern, of course, is to maintain their market share and be able to verify that stones sold by the 'industry' are not blood diamonds. From their Web page, below: "The Kim ( Full Answer )

Did any album ever went diamond?

• At least 14 in Argentina • Over 70 in Brazil • Over 100 in Canada • At least 1 in Colombia • Over 130 in France • At least 8 in Italy • Over 100 in Japan • At least 13 in Mexico • At least 24 in Poland • At least 1 in Russia • Over 110 in ( Full Answer )

What is the value of an industrial grade diamond?

Industrial grade diamonds are disposable, since they do wear out -- slowly -- but they do wear. According to the 2003 publication by Donald Olsen, et al (link, below): "Natural industrial diamond...price varies from about $0.30 per carat for bort-size material to about $7 to $10 per carat for ( Full Answer )

Was there ever a diamond on the Titanic?

Of course there were diamonds on the Titanic: the maiden voyage was populated by many first-class passengers who brought their best 'public displays of wealth', which had to include diamonds. However, the diamond depicted in the movie Titanic, a very large blue stone -- about the size and shape of ( Full Answer )

What is the production process for industrial diamonds?

All diamonds are mined, and about 80% of these are industrialdiamonds. They are separated from gem-quality diamonds through themilling process which uses running water, and then through visualsorting of the diamond-grade material that remains.

What are industrial diamonds' major uses?

Industrial diamonds were used by such U.S. industries as construction, computer chip production, mining services, transportation systems, and machinery production

What is a reputable company in your area for pool enclosure repair?

There are many reputable pool enclosure repair companies, but unfortunately I'm not aware of what are you are in, and therefore can't give you the names of companies local to you. A good place to start looking would be your local Craiglist or the yellow pages of your phone book.

Where is the biggest industrial diamond deposit?

Seventy-five percent of all diamonds mined are useful only as industrial-grade diamonds. This means that all diamond mines contain significant amounts of industrial diamonds. Until all the diamonds are mined and the mines closed, it's not possible to tell which mine has produced the most amount ( Full Answer )

Who is the world's leader in the diamond industry?

Your answer depends on which part of the diamond industry you're looking at -- mining, distribution, consumption, processing and so forth. A few brands that lead in the diamond industry are DeBeers, Tiffany, Cartier and so forth.

Can anyone buy the hope diamond?

Not just anyone. First you need to convince the Smithsonian Museum to be willing to sell it. The Hope Diamond is, after all, a National Treasure in the most commercial sense. The Hope Diamond is the second most visited 'artwork' in the world behind the Mona Lisa. Second you need between 200-250 mi ( Full Answer )

What are industrial sized diamonds?

There's nothing about a diamond that makes it 'industrial size': industrial diamonds -- 75% of all diamonds mined -- are simply not high-quality enough stones to be considered for production as gem stones. Most diamonds are small -- relatively -- think the size of vegetable peas or smaller. Some ( Full Answer )

Industrial diamond used for?

Industrial diamonds, based on their hardness, improve the useful life of cutting tools and improve the precision of tools used in micro-manufacturing and health environments.

Does Australia share its diamonds with anyone?

The diamond industry in Australia is robust and involved ininternational commerce. Anyone on earth interested in purchasing adiamond mined in Australia is welcome to purchase such a product.

What are diamonds used for in industrials?

Industrial diamonds are used to enhance the cutting and precision features on tools. For example, a diamond-tipped tool for marking glass before tapping it with a rubber hammer, so that the edge of the glass is straight, not jagged.

Do any companies offer a free diamond price calculator?

Yes, many companies offer a free diamond price calculator. Some sites to look at include Ajediam and Butterscotch. Top Windows 9 Download offers a free downloadable diamond ring price calculator as well.

Do diamonds ever decrease in value?

The value of a diamond is worth whatever someone will pay you for it. Your question reflects the vagaries of the market more than it reflects the value of diamonds. Sometimes, people pay more for a diamond than necessary. Then when a subsequent sale is attempted, the mark-up paid in the first pu ( Full Answer )

What kind of company was Diamond Shamrock?

Diamond Shamrock was a chemical company based out of Cleveland. It's headquarters was Maxus Energy Corp. It was founded for the production of soda ash, which is an ingredient used in making glass.

Who owns the Asscher Diamond Company?

The company was founded in 1854 by Joseph Asscher. Today the Royal Asscher Diamond Company is still owned by the Asscher family. The current president is Edward Asscher.

Where is the company Cool Diamonds located?

Cool Diamonds is a UK jewellery company based in London, UK. They are based on Greville Street near the Farringdon tube stop and St. Bartholemews Hospital.

Which is the first diamond ever to be noticed?

That is impossible to know. Humans have used diamonds in jewleryand enjoyed them as 'shiny rocks' and 'hard rocks' since ancienttimes -- some say about 6,000 years, from before this sort ofrecords were kept.

Why are diamonds used widely in industry?

About 80% of all diamonds mined are used by industry -- they arenot gem-stone quality. Industrial diamonds are used to cut, polishand otherwise refine tools. Diamond is the hardest naturalsubstance, so tipping tools with diamond material gives users moreprecision, accuracy and a longer-lasting tool. ( Full Answer )