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Abraham Lincoln Did

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Q: Has anyone ever tried to stop slavery?
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What did Abe Lincoln do about slavery?

He tried to stop it.

What did Abraham Lincoln do for living?

He tried to stop slavery

Who are the people who tried to stop slavery of slave trade?


Does Benvolio kill anyone?

no, he tried to stop the fighting.

Has anyone tried to stop whaling?

lots of people who are no jappanise.

Who is the person who tried to stop slavery before the civil war?

John Brown was one.

How did abolitionists help stop slavery and the slave trade?

they helped people escape to Canada and tried to free them

Could anyone ever stop his heart beat?


Why was the history of slavery repressed for so long?

so many people tried to stop slavery like the north but the people in the south didnt want slavery to end so it then took them 200 years for the slavery to finnaly end

Will slavery ever come to an end?

i dont think slavery will ever come to end. it's been going on since the 16oo's, so it's just not going to stop now.

Did he try to stop slavery?

Did who try to stop slavery? Abraham Lincoln

Was there someone famous besides Abraham Lincoln who had tried to stop slavery?

Lots of people were "abolitionists" who worked to abolish slavery. See any good history book about that era for more details.

Why did the founders of the US Constitution decide not to outlaw slavery in the US Constitution?

Because slavery was too big. They vouldnt just stop it, and if they tried there is a chance that the required 9 states wouldnt approve it. Then where would we be

Why was Abraham Lincoln chosen for president?

because he wanted to help stop slavery where ever there was and he didnt wanted it to spread.

Did James Madison stop slavery?

NO- Madison did not stop slavery in the US. Slavery was not ended until many years later.

Did Rosa Parks also stop slavery?

No, Rosa Parks did NOT also stop slavery!

How did Theodore Dwight Weld stop slavery?

he stop slavery by, well he did not the grimke sisters did in 1838

Did the Civil War stop slavery?

No. It didn't even stop slavery in the United States directly.

What was it called when people who wanted to stop slavery?

people who wanted to stop slavery are called abolitionist.

Why and when did slavery stop?

slavery stop because slaves went up north to get jobs and have a better life.

Did Martin Luther King JR stop slavery?

No, Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't stop slavery. One of the presidents stopped slavery.

What did Abe Lincoln do?

Abraham Lincoln tried to free the slaves. Knowing that if slavery continued that the North an South would fight forever only stressed him. He got slaves to fight in war. He is often known as the best president ever. Abraham Lincoln DID NOT try to free slaves. He wanted to stop the SPREAD of slavery into new territory. This is a huge misconception about Lincoln.

Who stop the slavery?

No one

Which law helped stop the spread of slavery to the west?

Northwest Ordinance helped stop the spread of slavery to the West.

Why did Granville Sharp want to stop slavery?

Granville sharp wanted to stop slavery because it got nasty.