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I used to have a similar experience with a different number. I seemed to see it all the time, on clocks, license plates, you name it. I came to the conclusion that I had an expectation to see it, and I just wasn't noticing that other numbers showed up around me, too, because I wasn't looking for those numbers! I only noticed the one I was focusing on. It didn't mean anything in particular other than that I saw what I expected to see.

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Is yesterday morning a proper noun?

No, the noun phrase 'yesterday morning' is a common noun, a general word for any yesterday morning at anytime.

Which is correct -'yesterday morning' or 'last morning'?

We say "yesterday morning" but "last night."

How do you Yesterday morning in Kikuyu language?

Yesterday can be translated into Kikuyu language as ira.

What started today but ended yesterday?

The day that is today ended yesterday and started this morning.

What part of speech is yesterday?

"Yesterday" can be an adverb, a noun, or an adjective.ExamplesAdverb: We arrived yesterday.Noun: Yesterday started well. All our yesterdays.Adjective: Yesterday morning

When did podcasting start?

yesterday morning at 7.00

Mom' s angry yesterday morning What is wrong with this sentence?

Your sentence reads: Mom's angry yesterday morning. Mom's is a contraction for Mom is. So the sentence could read: Mom is angry yesterday morning. The verb is involves the present and only the present. Your mom might be mad right now. You might say: Mom is angry right now. That is the proper use of the word is. There is no way you can be mad yesterday morning right now. Pigs can not fly. Either Mom was angry yesterday morning or Mom is angry right now.

Is because the frog was heavy yesterday morning a complete sentence? would have to say: It is because the frog was heavy yesterday morning. Is because does not make sense & if you put it is because then it does make sense.

What is a good sentence with the word sunnier in it?

It is sunnier today than it was yesterday. It was cloudy yesterday.It was cloudy in the morning but it became sunnier by and by.

What is the duration of The BJ Shea Morning Experience?

The duration of The BJ Shea Morning Experience is 4 hours.

If you have been taking ovulation test all week the have been neg yesterday morning you tested it was positive then tested again yesterday evening and it was neg again did you ovulate yet16th day of c?

Depending on the accuracy of your test, sounds to me like you were ovulating yesterday morning.

He died yesterday afternoon and buried the one who died this morning?


When did they last see a kraken?

I think yesterday morning at 8 pm

Do you vomit when you get pregnant?

Some women experience vomiting with pregnancy. That is a symptom of "morning sickness". But, some women experience no symptoms of morning sickness.

How early in the morning would a digital media job start at?

It depends on the shift you have Morning probably 7am-9am

Is ''I had seen him twice yesterday'' correct?

It could be: ''I had seen him twice yesterday, and he looked perfectly healthy; therefore, I was very surprised this morning to hear that he had died.''

What is 5 to 4 in digital time?

In the morning it will be 03.55 and in the afternoon it will be 15.55

What did you did lately is this grammatically correct?

No. 'What did you do lately' is correct. The word 'did' puts the verb into the past, and it takes the infinitive form of the verb, not the past tense. 'What song did you sing yesterday?' NOT 'What song did you sang yesterday?' 'What did he eat this morning?' NOT 'What did he ate this morning?' 'Did they open the box?' NOT 'Did they opened the box?'

What actors and actresses appeared in From Morning on I Waited Yesterday - 1998?

The cast of From Morning on I Waited Yesterday - 1998 includes: Bryrjar Chapman as Child Arthur Eng as Winston Gudrun Olagsdottir as Woman Molly Parker as Lina Viola Werner as Customer

What is twenty five to ten in the morning in digital?

9:35 or 09:35

Will you pass a drug test tomorrow if smoked meth yesterday morning?

No.Now stop smoking meth.

Yesterday i put on a show with my band and this morning i started coughing blood. what could be the cause?


What happens in the morning in deserts close to the sea?

Some deserts near the sea will experience fog in the morning.

What happens when you sprain your ankle in the morning?

If you sprain your ankle in the morning, you could experience swelling and difficulty in walking.

At 7 weeks is it ok to experience less morning sickness?

Yes, Some experience morning sickness all the way through the pregnancy, some experience just nausea some don't experience it at all, some are unlucky enough to experience it all day everyday. Every pregnancy is different.

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