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Why, certainly they have. Literally HUNDREDS of people every week trade their 1984 Accord LX with automatic in on 1984 Accord LX with manual. It's the only realistic way to go. If you were asking how to change a 1974 Volkswagen Bug from automatic (yes, there was an "automatic" transmission for a Bug) to manual, I'd tell you. But an Accord? They're extremely plentiful, in all the popular price ranges. No one's collecting them, and there's a good market for automatic-transmission Accords. So...trade the car in on the one you really want. NO

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What is the difference between a fixed budget and a flexible budget?

is a plan for a single level of production, whereas a flexible budget can be converted to any level of production.

What is the budget?

The budget can refer to any group's plan for money (spending and management). Anyone from a household to a small business to the federal government has a budget.

What are some popular budgeting programs?

There are several popular budgeting software on the market. One can try YNAB, Quicken, Mint, Budget Tracker or DS Budget. All of these offer help, tips and general information to help one budget successfully.

Who should make a budget?

Anyone or any group that has money coming in and money going out.

Where in New Zealand can someone rent a car from Budget?

Budget car rental has many locations in New Zealand where anyone can rent a car. Some of the major cities with Budget locations include Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington Airport, Queenstown, and Gisborne.

Does anyone know of a website where you can type in your holiday budget and it will show you where you can go on that specific budget?

It's not exactly what you're looking for, perhaps, but kayak.com does have a vacations search feature that allows you to sort and filter by price.

Is a cash flow budget something only businesses do?

No, anyone can do a cash flow budget. I do not own a business but like to keep track of my spending. Over the month I keep track of my income and expenses and at the end of each month, I reconcile the numbers and prepare a budget for the following month.

Meeting Planners Guide?

A Meeting Planners Guide provides all of the necessary information in order to successfully plan all of the aspects of a meeting including location, budget, schedule and more.

What is the best 22 caliber pistol?

You will have to provide the end use for the pistol for anyone to even begin to try to answer this question. Also, your budget.

Where i get a nice dash cam for my vehicle Can anyone point me to a reliable product?

Amazon has a vast range and depending on your budget can offer something

What is the budget of Budget of NASA?

The budget of Budget of NASA is 18,724,000,000 dollars.

What is the role of a project manager?

Project Manager's roles are to successfully bring a project to a completion. They should successfully give proper planning, organization, and managing resources to the project. The main issue of being a project manager is being able to effectively reach all of your goals, some major constraints are time, scope, and budget.

What is the budget of Congressional Budget Office?

The budget of Congressional Budget Office is 46,800,000 dollars.

What are the types of the budget in public health?

Budgets can be classified according to Time, Function, and Flexibility.ACCORDING TO TIME:1. Long Term Budget2. Short Term Budget3. Current Budget4. Rolling budgetACCORDING TO FUNCTION:1. Sales Budget2. Production Budget3. Cost of Production Budget4. Purchase Budget5. Personnel budget6. R & D Budget7. Capital Expenditure Budget8. Cash Budget9. Master BudgetACCORDING TO FLEXIBILITY:1. Fixed Budget2. Flexible Budget

What is the role of a budget committee?

The role of the budget committee is to help create a federal budget and oversee that budget. They prepare the budget resolution and review budget related laws and bills.

What are the components of a master budget?

an operating budget and a capital budget

Major steps involved in the Budget Process?

Budget centers are needed to be established.A clearly defined organizational chart is required to be prepared which will state, for each member of the management team, the functional responsibilities.A budget manual is needed to be prepared.A budget committee is required to be formed.The limiting factor or key factor is needed to be determined.The budget period is to be selected.Objectives which are to be reached by the end of the period of the budget are to be set.Forecast for the period is needed to be prepared.The policies of the enterprise e.g. range of product, distribution channels, per week normal hours of work, appropriation of research & development, stocks, investments etc. are needed to be determined.The requirements in terms of economic quantities which are needed to meet the objectives while complying with the policies are required to be computed from the forecasts & subsequently these quantities are to be converted into monetary values. Thus this will result in an initial provisional budget.With respect to the planned budget, initial budget is to be reviewed & until an acceptable budget emerges, the objectives or policies or both needs to be reviewed repeatedly.The budget when gets formally accepted becomes the master budget & as such is an executive order.

Does Anyone Know Information About Silent Film Actor Charles Brinley?

A supporting player in low-budget Westerns from 1917-1939, died in 1946.

Which budget is prepared first?

The sales budget is the first budget to be prepared.

How is budget committee and budget manual?

A budget committee decides on how money is allotted and a budget manual is the plan to implement.

What is main difference between capital budget and revenue budget?

While the capital budget and revenue budget are both budgets, the capital budget is incorporated for the long term. A revenue budget is made for the short term.

What was the budget to make Superbad?

$20 million budget. apparently this is a modest budget.

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