Has anyone put a dodge v10 in a 1974 dodge dart?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Has anyone put a dodge v10 in a 1974 dodge dart?
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What size motor can you fit in a 1969 dodge dart custom?

my friend put a 440 in his.

Can you put a charger or challenger front clip on a 1973 dodge dart sport?

no it won't fit.

Where to put oil in dodge dart?

take the oil cap off on the valve cover and pour in.

Can you put a stock 1999 transmission from a dodge ram truck in your 1973 dodge dart swinger?

Anything is possible, but the automatic in a 1999 Ram needs a computer to shift.

How do you put a 318 in a 1971 dodge dart that has a 225 in it?

either change the k-frame or use motor plates to mount the engine.

Can you put a Big Block 440 in a 1965 dodge dart?

yes but you will have to use motor plates to install it in place of motor mounts.

Did thy put a slant 6 in a 1969 dodge dart gt?

yes I believe you could order the slant six in the GT in 69.

Can you put a Chevy 383 engine with a 1964 Dodge Dart pushbutton transmission?

No, not unless summit racing makes a special adapter plate to do it.

How do you put the carburetor back on a 1972 dodge dart swinger?

put new gasket on the intake manifold and bolt carb down to intake manifold and hook up all linkages and hoses.

How do you reconnect the wiper arms on a 1973 dodge dart?

Put them in place on the windshield where they should be and then press the arms onto the splines on the posts sticking out of the cowl panel.

How do you drive a dodge dart with dual dry cluch auto transmission?

You put it in drive and press the gas. It drives just like a normal automatic transmission.

Can you put a TA dodge challenger hood on a dodge challenger that is not a TA model?

Yes, I have a 1974 Challenger that is a partial 1970 t/a clone. (hood,paint)