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I did, I was my husband's mistress for 6 years, not for financial reasons or anything like that but because I truly loved him, he never gave his wife a reason to suspect what was going on (never spent the night out, never called from his cell phone, spent time with her...) and whenever he talked about her he only had nice things to say, so I never even dreamed of him leaving her and it was ok with me as long as I had a little bit of his time. I respected his life outside our "affair" and he was always very thankful for it, one day he just came over to my place and asked my permission to stay for that night and all the other ones to come, it turns out he had been separated for 3 months but didn't want to tell me until it was certain.

2007-06-28 06:11:27
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Q: Has anyone successfully gone from being a mistress to being a true wife?
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