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In response to this question I would like to comment as follows: * My son purchased 2 bottles of the Ultra 90 nighttime formula for me as a Christmas gift. I was given the gift early so I began taking the pills as directed on the bottle starting 12/17/2007. Today is 1/18/2008 and honestly I have seen absolutely no difference whatsoever in regards to weight loss, feeling better, regaining muscle or anything of the sort. Maybe it is too soon to tell so I will try this a while longer and update any progress regarding this product in the future. As far as I am seeing so far, there is nothing I can see that is beneficial in regards to this product. Thank you. * I have been taking ultra 90 for 1 month, i have been going to the gym 4 - 5 times a week and see no extreme weight loss. I have lost maybe 5 lbs. I do note that i do have some appetite decrease, but going to the gym at 5:00 am kicks my butt, i am asleep at 9:00 pm , so definitely no increase in energy which i got from stacker 2. (which i will probably go back to) they say it takes at least 30 days , but i am very diappointed with watching what i eat ( probably maintaining weight as I am turning fat into muscle) but i will hang in there for another month. * I have been taking ultra 90 for 2 and half months now (am formula) I have been taking it as directed and have not noticed a single difference!!! I am very disappointed and would not reccommend any one to waste their money or time on this product! I also work out 4 times a week and I almost think it is stopping me from dropping pounds!!!

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Q: Has anyone tried ultra 90 and how did it work?
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