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Yes. It is melting glaciers and ice caps already. Tha Arctic is losing more Nd more summer ice every year. The Greenland ice cap is losing ice. Even Antarctica, the coldest place in the world loses more than 100 cubic kilometers (24 cubic miles) of ice every year, reports the GRACE satellite.

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How does global warming affect glaciers?

Global warming is increasing, meaning melting the glaciers. The temperature is warming up and causing the glaciers to melt.It is melting them causing ocean water levels to get higher.

How can you stop the melting glaciers?

To stop melting glaciers you must stop global warming.

What is global warming doing?

Global warming is melting the glaciers throughout the earth's surface.

How global warming is affecting the planet?

the glaciers are melting!

What are the sign of ending of the world?

global warming melting of glaciers

What does glaciers have to do with science?

Melting glaciers has to do with science because it deals with Global Warming, Geology, and Geophysics

What are some similarities between global warming and glaciers?

Global warming and glaciers are interconnected. With global warming, the glaciers melt.

Can global warming lead to ice age?

No. Global warming means the world's temperature is rising. This is melting glaciers and ice caps.

Is there any evidence that global warming is responsible for melting the worlds glaciers?

It's logical. If the earth is warming, and scientists (and our own experiences) tell us that it is, then one of the effects of a warming atmosphere is that it warms things in the atmosphere. Glaciers are exposed to the air, the air is warmer, and so the glaciers melt. Therefore, global warming is responsible for melting the world's glaciers.

How does global warming affect glaciers and oceans?

Global warming affects glaciers by melting them. The water runs into the oceans, raising the sea levels.Global warming affects oceans by warming them. Warm water expands, so ocean levels are rising even further!

How can ocean get bigger?

An ocean can become bigger when glaciers start melting (Global Warming does this)

What do glaciers and global warming have in common?

Global warming is causing the glaciers to disappear. This is how they are connected.

What causes change in the environment?

Global warmingnew roads and citiesdeforestationglaciers melting

What are your claims that global warming is happening?

glaciers are melting,sea level is rising,temps are up

How can you stop glaciers melting from global warming?

The only way to stop glaciers melting is to stop global warming, and that has to be done in the big polluting countries of China and the USA. We have to move to renewable energy, so we can stop burning coal and oil for our power. That's the only answer.

What will happen to glaciers if global warming continues?

If global warming continues, then glaciers, which are like rivers of ice, will continue to melt and finally disappear. Many of the world's great rivers get water from the spring melting of glaciers, so if glaciers vanish, the rivers and the people who rely on them, will be threatened.

Is global warming BS?

Au contraire, global warming is not BS, it is reality. The glaciers are visibly melting. The evidence is at this point absolutely conclusive. No reputable scientist disagrees.

Is antartika occean is full of glacier?

Yes, the Antarctica ocean is full of glaciers. However, over the years the glaciers are melting away. The cause of the melting is said to be global warming.

Is antarctica melting from global warming?

Yes, Antarctica is melting from global warming.

What is the issue of global warming?

How are We to explain the melting of all of Our {The} Earth's Glaciers. Acidification of Our Oceans is next on the List.

What are the issues of global warming?

How are We to explain the melting of all of Our Earth's Glaciers. Acidification of Our Oceans is next on the List.

What part of the earth is melting because of global warming?

Glaciers and ice caps are melting. The ice over Greenland is melting and so is the Arctic sea ice.

Global warming has been proven to be directly linked with sea level rising through?

Melting icecaps and glaciers.

Why do glaciers melt?

global warming

What does glaciers melt?

Global warming