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Q: Has our brain changed since homo sapiens first emerged?
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How is the species Homo Sapiens different from earlier hominids?

The brain is larger in Homo Sapiens Sapiens than in all earlier hominids except the neanderthal (Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis), and we are possibly the first to use a large portion of our brains for art instead of just survival skills.

where is the origin of a human beings?

Africa. Early homo sapiens emerged in Africa before migrating to other continents.

Where did the homo sapiens sapiens migrated first?


When did homo sapiens first appear on earth?

Homo sapiens first appeared about 200,000 years ago.

Which continent did Homo sapiens sapiens first migrate?


What geologic period did humans evolve?

Homo sapiens first emerged during the Quaternary period, some time between 130,000 and 450,000 years ago; but the first members of the Homo genus (Homo habilis) are believed to have emerged around 2.4 Ma ago. Yup! :D

Did some homo habilis survive when the homo sapiens took over?

No. Homo habilis had disappeared by 1 million years ago. Homo sapiens first emerged between 200 and 100 thousand years ago. The two hominid species never interacted-they were hundreds of thousands of years apart.

Where does the term cro magnon come from?

Cro-Magnon was the name given to the early modern humans also known as homo sapiens. It is believed that the first cro-magnon's emerged in Africa's east side.

What was the first hominin found to arrive in the New World?

homo sapiens sapiens

When did first civilization emerged?

the first civilization emerged aroun 4,000 BC

In the us the steel industry first emerged where?

steel industry first emerged

When homo sapiens first left Africa?

Homo-sapiens first left Africa 1.5 million years ago.

When did homo sapiens first appear?

Fossil evidence shows that Homo sapiens first appeared about 200,000 years ago, in East Africa.

Who is the person who found animals?

Impossible to say. Probably the first homo sapiens sapiens.

Who were first the autralopthicenes or homo erectus?

First, the Australopithecus Afarensis was first. Then, the Homo habilis. Next, the Homo erectus. Then, the Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis. Last, (Modern humans) Homo sapiens Sapiens.

What was the first homo sapiens shelter like?

the first homo sapiens shelter is like a tee-pee only flatened and compacted with mud

What did the homo sapiens first make?

The first Homo Sapiens are generally credited with discovering fire and the wheel.

Did homo sapiens bury there dead?

Yes, they did! we are actually the species homo sapiens, but speaking in terms of history, yes homo sapiens do and did bury their dead. Although, neanderthals were the first.

Where and when did Homo sapiens sapiens first appear?

They first appeared when god created Adam and Eve and sent them down to the world....which was mabey millions of years ago.

The first civilization emerged in river valleys around the year?

5000 B.C. is when the first civilizations emerged in river valleys.

Where homo sapiens the first species on earth?


The first homo sapiens were known as what?


Where the homo sapiens the first people on earth?

No they were not

What is the first man in palawan?

homo sapiens

What is first religion in the world?

The first documented religions are estimated to be pre-Sapiens ssp. Sapiens nature cults, evidenced by fossilized graves and preserved cave paintings.