Has the Pink Panther ever talked?

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Surprisingly, Yes. He said "Gophers?"
Thats not all. I heard him say "Why can't man be more like animals". He said it in an
Brittish or a French accent. when he said the word can't.
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How can a panther be pink?

It cannot, but, in the movie, Pink Panther, it displays a cartoon panther that is colored pink. The Pink Panther refers to a diamond with a pinkish hue that the Phantom tri

Why is the pink panther pink?

The movie title ' Pink Panther ' is associated by the animal 'panther' is probably why the made the panther pink ' The Pink Panther '
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In the 1964 classic the pink panther what exactly was the pink panther?

In the original movie, the Pink Panther was described as a fabulous diamond, which, if you looked into its centre there was a flaw in the shape of a leaping panther. It was ow
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Is pink panther a panther or a cat?

Many people misunderstand the meaning of panther. There is no such thing as a black or pink panther, but there is such thing as a large black or pink cat. Panther is an umbrel