Has the goldfish evolved

Updated: 10/27/2022
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The goldfish did not evolve naturally and in nature. Goldfish did however evolve with the assistance of man who selectively bred and developed them to have the different colours and shapes they now have.

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Q: Has the goldfish evolved
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Can 130 goldfish survive in an always wet bog year round in west Virginia?

Goldfish need water to swim and breath in, not mud. There are some species of fish that have evolved to survive in mud but Goldfish are not one of those species.

How has a bat's skeleton evolved over time?

how has the design of the skelton is adapted for movement and locomotion in the greyhound, bat, and goldfish??

Can a goldfish have a baby without male?

no they do not, they evolved to the point that with a simple look in the eye from an alpha male goldfish it can inpregnate not only female gold fish but the male gold fish too. this has been caused by centuries of evolution.

What are some of the breeds of goldfish?

Some common breeds of goldfish are: the Black Moor goldfish, the Ryunkin goldfish, the comet goldfish, the common goldfish, the Calico Fantail goldfish, the telescope eye goldfish, the bubble eye goldfish, the pearl scale goldfish and the Oranda goldfish.

Your goldfish can swim in salt water and still live did it evolve?

No your goldfish did not "evolve" it "SURVIVED" being put in salt water. You don't say how much salt is/was in the water but placing a goldfish in water to which 1 teaspoon of salt has been added per gallon is a commonly used cure for fungus. Goldfish did not evolve they were selectively bred by Chinese aquarists from a species of wild Asian carp (Carassius gibelio) that had evolved over many millions of years.

Can you put a frog in an aquarium with a goldfish?

No you cannot put a frog with goldfish; goldfish belong with goldfish

What is the plural noun for goldfish?

The plural of goldfish is goldfish. It is the same as the singular.

How may legs does a goldfish have?

Goldfish do not have legs. Goldfish do have fins, although the number of fins will depend on the type of goldfish.

What are some basic breeds of goldfish?

there are three basic breeds: fantail goldfish, comet goldfish, and common goldfish. if you are getting goldfish for the first time, i would recommend common goldfish as they need the least care.

What is the collective noun for a group of goldfish?

Goldfishes There is no plural for goldfish. Goldfish itself is plural. Example: Hey Bob, can I see that goldfish you caught? Example2: Hey Bob, can I see those goldfish you caught?

What is a fraction in simplest form for the ratio ten goldfish out of fifteen fish goldfish out of fifteen goldfish?

10 / 15 = 66.7 % 66.7% of 15 goldfish is 10 goldfish

What do goldfish food call?

the name of goldfish food is goldfish flake food