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There have been several articles published on findings the MAY be the ruins of chariots in the Red Sea. No scientific archelogical project has been undertaken to my knowledge, so at the moment there's a lot of speculation. True believers see objects can call them chariot parts. Skeptics see the same objects and call them natural formations or manmade objects not necessarily from the time of Moses. There has to be much more academic study done before a comprehensive answer is published. Mistranslation Despite the traditional wording used in English texts of Exodus, the 'Red Sea' is not actually referred to in the Hebrew text. The Hebrew refers to 'Yam suph', Sea of Reeds or Reed Sea, which was a significantly smaller, marshy body of swampwater to the north of the Red Sea. This suggests a less dramatic event than is traditionally envisioned. If the Jewish people were chased through the Sea of Reeds, the Egyptians could have either lost track of them through the swamp or, as the second link below suggests, their chariots or horses could have been bogged down in the mud.

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