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Q: Hausa method of farming
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Who developed the farming method of terracing?

Axumites developed the farming method of terracing

Who developed the method of farming of terraccing?

Axumites developed the farming method of terracing

What method of farming is used in mountainous areas?

mixed farming

What method of farming is used in the rainforest?

slash/burn farming

What are the different farming method?

Ranching,Dry and Irrigated Farming,Mixed Farming,Single Crop and Multicrop Farming,Diversified farming.

What farming method allowed successful farming in the southern mesopotamia?


What farming method is plowing around a hill and not on it?

Contour plowing/farming

Describe the hopi method of farming?

To grow thir own crops,the Hopi use a method called dry farming.

What was one effect of the lenape slassh-and-burn method of farming?

What was one effect of the lenape slash and burn method of farming

Which farming method is linked to the physical landscape of East Asia?

which farming method is linked to the physical landsacape of East Asia

What farming method was used to carry water into the field for the growing of crops in the middle east?

The farming method in question is IRRIGATION.

What was the farming method used by native Americans?

Slash and burn method

What is The Hebrews farming method?

The farming method for the Hebrews is when they farm they plants a whole and then they bring the water from the lake and then they have the plants grow and then they pick them.

What are the advantages of duck fish integrated farming method?

One of the advantages of the duck-fish integrated farming method is its economic efficiency.

Developed the farming method of terracing?


What was the Anasazi tribe method of farming?


Characteristics of subsistence farming?

Subsistence farming is farming where there is little or no surplus for the farmer after he and his family are fed. This was a common method of farming in preindustrial societies.

What is the method of growing crops without using chemical fertilizers is called?

This method is normally referred to as either organic farming or traditional farming.

Is organic farming a farming activity?

Yes, organic farming is a method of growing food without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It is a type of farming.

What is dryland farming in the interior plains?

a method of farming in semiarid areas without the aid of irrigation.

Types of agriculture in china?

Farming method improvement

Is shifting cultivation a primitive method of farming?

yes it is

What is hausa history?

the hausa are the largest ethinic group in nigeria almost all hausa are muslims

Why did the Hopi use this method of farming?

they used one direction

What farming method doesn't prevent gullying?

D. irrigation