Have a 6500 Honda generator motor runs fine but no output from generator fuses checked no voltage from main leads out of generator?

although the motor runs fine, you'll need to check the stator and rotors, that is where you produce the electricity


You also must check to see if the rectifier is getting its frequency reading from the mpu type source. Which should put out 60Hz, and a low vac out put like somewhere from .5 vac to 1.5vac. Then check its output from the rectifier to see if it has 12 vdc output to stator. Before assuming the stator or rotor is bad.

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There are 3 main elements to the generating apparatus. The rotor, the stator and the inverter pack. the inverter pack cannot be tested unless you have another machine to try it on. We have to work by elimination. If you unplug the main plug on the inverter pack and fish around inside with a multimeter set to resistance then you should expect to find three pairs of contacts that give identical, low resistance. These are the three phase windings that supply the inverter pack. If they are not balanced or one is missing then there is your problem. The stator is at fault

If the windings are OK then the next step is to check each winding connection has no connection to earth.

Then connect a multimeter to each winding and pull the machine over with the recoil starter. You should get an identical voltage from each. Personally I just run the machine and look for identical voltage in the 200V plus range depending on how fast the machine is running. Any problems at this stage could indicate that the magnets on the rotor are damaged but its a fairly rare occurrence and is often accompanied by ignition problems. If you live somewhere very cold then the rotor becomes a more likely candidate as thermal contraction has been known to detach the rotor magnets

If all that is OK then its the Inverter pack or one of the connections from the inverter to the main outputs.

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