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A ship that sank on her maiden voyage was MS Hans Hedtoft was a Danish Ship that struck an iceberg south of Cape Farewell and sank on 30 January 1959.

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Q: Have any other ships besides Vasa and Titanic sunk on their maiden voyages?
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Did the titanic go on any other voyages besides the one to New York?

no there was only one trip but it crashed

What was the Titanic designed to do?

Titanic was designed by Thomas Andrews and was made as a passenger ship to take passengers from England to America (New York) on her maiden voyage. Who knows, maybe after Titanic's voyages, like many other ships of the time period, she could have become a vessel that was used for war purposes .

Where did the titanic set sail on her maiden voyage?

Titanic started her maiden voyage in Belfast, Ireland then set off to many other locations to pick up more passengers before officially setting off to New York.

What was the Titanic powered by?

Titanic was powered by coal. Not just any coal, since the coal miners were striking at the time of her maiden voyage, the owner of the ship took coal out of their other ships to ensure Titanic had enough coal for the voyage.

Are there other female vocalists on Titanic besides Celine Dion?

Yes the girl who sang "Hyme to the sea"

Where there other ships besides the Carpethia picking up titanic survisvors?

No it was just carpethia to pick up the survivors

Where is the Titanic cole from?

Most of the coal was delivered directly but there was a coal strike on at the time so much of it had to be removed from other ships to guarantee Titanic's maiden launch. This caused several vessels to be temporarily decommissioned and their passengers transferred to Titanic.

Name all of the ships that rescued survivors of the Titanic?

No other ship besides the RMS Carpathia came to the rescue. Because, the Titanic sent out SOS' but the Carpathia was the closest. However, the Carpathia was too late to even see the RMS Titanic sink.

When the Titanic was on its Maiden Voyage were men and women separated?

There were separate quarters for unattached women and men on Titanic but there was no segregation by gender per se. There were accommodations for women and men,like the reading room and smoking room, but neither were expressly forbidden from the other.

Why titanic failed to complete its first journey?

The Titanic failed to complete its first journey. During its maiden voyage, it received iceberg warnings from other ships. The warnings were ignored and on April 14, 1912, the ship hit an iceberg. The Titanic sank at around 2am on April 15, 1912 in the middle of the north Atlantic Ocean

Exactly where did the Titanic sink?

BEST ANSWER Titanic sunk off the East coast of newfoundland on her first maiden voyage to new York from Southhampton A ship to be said unsinkable is not possible this is so from the Titanic and many other ships that sunk which makes us know we can't trust commercials! The complete location is not to scale for now scientists are trying to find it check out the titanic musem to learn more!

Did Christopher Columbus take other voyages many and were did he go?

Did Christopher Columbus take other voyages ,how many,where did he go

Will the titanic still be in service if it hadn't hit the iceberg?

Unlikely. If the Titanic hadn't sunk on its maiden voyage, it wouldn't have been remembered. Barring other accidents, it'd have remained in use unti it was no longer profitable, at which point it'd been cut up for scrap and recycled.

What other problems did the titanic face besides the iceberg?

As The Titanic was leaving Southampton, the Suction of water from her wake caused the SS New York to pull from her moorings and head straight for the Titanic. With the quick thinking of Captain Smith in putting the engines in reverse, the Collision was avoided with just four feet to spare!

What other animals did the passengers bring aboard the titanic?

There were many animals aboard the RMS Titanic's tragic maiden voyage. Animal passengers include cats, dogs, chickens, and a large amount of rats.

Who else besides Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the film Titanic?

The other stars for the film Titanic include Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart, Victor Garber, Bill Paxton, Bernard Hill.

What other boats sank besides the titanic?

Boats have been sinking for thousands of years, whether by accident or warfare, but some other notables include The Empress of Ireland, Lusitania, the General Slocum, and Britannic.

What other Voyages did Ferdinand Magellan?

This website did not have Ferdinand Magellan's voyages please go to different website!

Did sally ride have any other voyages?


What did other ships warn the titanic about radio?

The other ships warned the Titanic about there were icebergs ahead.

Did the Titanic and Olympic get switched?

No. Both ships were built alongside each other, with Olympic being completed first. However, they did replace Olympic's propeller shaft by taking the one off Titanic (stemming from a collision with the HMS Hawke). Later, Olympic lost a propeller blade, and it was again taken from Titanic. Both acquisitions delayed Titanic's maiden voyage until April 2012.

What was Titanic about?

The titanic was about a girl and a boy falling in love with each other, the the Titanic crashed into an ice - berg.

What does 'maiden voyage' mean?

Maiden Voyage means the first voyage for a ship, or other transport.

Did other ships sink the same night as the Titanic?

no the titanic was the only one but other ships ware around it

What did the holder on the Titanic do?

keep track of the mail & other cargo aboard Titanic