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Judaism has not had any prophets since shortly after the destruction of the First Temple. Jesus is not considered divine or a prophet in Judaism.

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Q: Have there been Jewish prophets since Christ?
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When did the sacred test of judaism become accepted?

The prophets faced some opposition from idolaters among their people. But their disciples, and all unsullied Israelites, accepted their words immediately. The people who revered the prophets and learned from them are called "the sons of the prophets" (2 Kings 4:38). According to our tradition, the Jewish canon was sealed around 340 BCE by the greatest Sages of the time, whose group included several prophets. It has been the Jewish Bible ever since.

What do Jews talk about for their prophet?

There is no one prophet in Judaism. There were many prophets mentioned in the Bible, but there haven't been any Jewish prophets in more than 2100 years.

How many decades has there been since the birth of christ?

there has been 201.5 decades since Jesus was born

What do Jewish Priest Practice?

There have not been Jewish Priests since the destruction of the Second Temple.

What religion does not believe that Jesus Christ has been born yet?

Judaism- or those who are Jewish

Who was the Jewish king during the time of Christ?

There was no king of Israel at the time of Christ and there hadn't been one for over a century at that point.

How many generations have there been since Christ was born.?


Is Taylor kitsch Jewish?

yes he is and has been since he was 6

What are robotics profits?

robots have been prophets ever since the foretelling of robochrist from zargon B

How long is a melineum?

since the birth of Christ there has been two mlineum's

Is hinduim the oldest?

No, since the time of Adam Christ has been preached among the children of men. All "isms" are breakaways from those teachings, and other Gods and prophets have taken the place of the one and only true God and those who have been called by God.

What is the Jewish ruling body?

There is no Jewish ruling body. There has not been a ruling body since the year 70 CE.

Who was the first Jewish athlete?

Jews have been athletes since Biblical times. It is unknown who the first Jewish athlete was.

How long has dance been around?

Heh. Since before Christ was born.

Does Jewish people believe in christ cruisification?

Jesus may have been crucified, but that event doesn't have significance in Judaism.

When did the Jewish people come to palestine?

1406 BC There have been Jewish people there since before it was ever called Palestine.

When were the dates or all the wars?

There have been wars since Before Christ (BC) and After the Death of Christ (AD). All wars of which nation?

Is Jeffrey Toobin Jewish?

Yes, Jeffrey Toobin is Jewish. His personal website used to mention involvement in the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life but has since been removed.

How long has the Jewish candle been the Jewish symbol for?

The Jewish candle, known as the menorah (or, when used at Hanukkah, a hanukiyah) has been used as a symbol Judaism and Jewish people ever since a menorah was used in the Temple in Jerusalem for almost 3,000 years.

Who is the prophet of Christianity religion?

The main prophet is Jesus Christ, although there have been people who have been described as prophets for example Moses, Abraham, Noah and more. Jesus is the best known of them all

When did the anti -Jewish come to power?

Anti-Jewish leaders have been in power since the beginning of Judaism. Some are are still in power today.

Are Mormon prophets freemasons?

Some prophets and other leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) have been members of Masonic groups, but most have not. Masonry among Mormons is allowed but not encouraged.

How long has holy week been existence?

Holy Week has been celebrated ever since the death of Jesus Christ.

Is grits Christian?

Yes. They've been around since the late 90's and have always been repping Christ.

How many years has Christmas been around?

Christmas has been around 2011 years, since the birth of Jesus Christ.