Have you ever worn a diaper when clubbing?

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Has any athlete ever worn the number 05?

Bobby Brown wears #5 for the great Sacramento Kings. . The great Joe Dimaggio wore number 5 with the Yankees.. Donovan McNabb currently wears number 5 with the Eagles.. There have been a whole lot of jerseys with that number because 05, or just 5,is a very common jersey number in sports.

How do you get diapers?

Diapers are widely available in drug stores, convenience stores and supermarkets. You can also get diapers in some wal mart and and their one dollar but to get in them you probably have to be skinny

What are diapers?

Diapers are pads in the form of underwear that babies wear to hold "waste" when they go to the bathroom. The diaper is made to soak up the pee so it stays dry for the baby. Nobody likes the feeling of wet underwear.

Did Browning ever make golf clubs?

Answer . Yes, Browning still makes good golfclubs. Check www.browning-golf.com Good luck, Minus Verheijen. Holland

Has Amanda bynes ever worn a basque?

Answer. Surely you must think that the people who answer questions for people like yourself, have crystal balls and we see the past, prestent, and future. Well sorry it don't work like that. Personally I have no idea who Amanda Bynes is and if she ever wore a basque, she didn't tell the press. How ( Full Answer )

Best football club ever?

NO!-THIS IS IT-\nTop Clubs\n. \n1.\nManchester United FC\n2.\nBarcelona FC\n3.\nLiverpool FC\n4.\nChelsea FC\n5.\nReal Madrid\n6.\nAC Milan\n7. Juventus\n8. Arsenal\n9. Inter Milan\n10. Bayern Munich\n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n. \n . Manchester Un ( Full Answer )

Has Nick Jonas ever been in a club?

they have performed in club type things, but there has been no alchohol allowed and stuff like that...im pretty sure that he hasn't been in a club for clubbing or something like that...besides...he is underage, anyway!

Has Nick Jonas ever changed a diaper?

Maybe. That's not the most popular question that the Jonas Brothers are asked, you know (sarcasm!). And if he has, it was probably Frankie's diaper when he was a baby.

How can you get diapers?

This is a somewhat open ended question so I shall answer for two possible queries. Firstly is if you mean "How can you get diapers for a child": This solution is simple with many stores and shops stocking diapers for children from newborn upwards. Second is the (often more negatively judged) guest ( Full Answer )

What is the highest number ever worn by a Detroit Red Wing?

96 LW Tomas Holmstrom The highest number to ever be worn by a Red Wing is the #96 worn solely by Left Winger Tomas Holmstrom. Holmstrom has worn the number since 1997 and still wears that number today (12/12/09). Holmstrom has played his entire career with the Wings and is considered one of the gre ( Full Answer )

Have the Ronettes ever worn Empire Strapless Gowns on stage?

Yes, at the Berlin concert in the sixties. ( it was remarked there were former SS men in the audience). It should also be noted that Estelle was laid to rest in a beautiful Olive Green Peau de soie Empire Gown, and she was wearing her hair in the time-honored Beehive. The Empire is a formal dress.

Are you ever too old for diapers?

Most children don't need diapers beyond the age of 2 or 3 years. Many people may need them if there is a particular medical condition.

Has joss stone ever worn shoes live in concert?

No, she is always (!) barefoot. For the red carpet, she wears heels, she loves shoes. But she's afraid to wear them on stage because she thinks she'd fall over the cables all the time.

Has florence Henderson ever worn a bathing suit on tv?

Yes - in the Hawaii multi-epsiode Brady Bunch series. In the seen where the family is on the beach watching Brad in a surfing contest. Florence is wearing a one piece bathing suit. There is a full view shot as the family is running to the surf after Brad has an accident riding the wave in.

Would a 15 year old ever get used to wearing diapers again bed wetting at night and wearing baby diapers now?

me and my sister did. im only eleven technically but still. yes,i am 16 and have been wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed since i was 14.i am used to them completely.i started wetting the bed a month after i turned 14 and was imediately put back into the diaper and plastic pants.two mont ( Full Answer )

What is the Best club song ever?

no superstar- remady p&r show me love -Micheal mind bring the noise- public enemy vs. benny benassi stereo love- edward Maya pjanoo- Eric prydz my best

Which is the greatest football club ever?

I'm not a fan, but probably Real Madrid, they've got good players, a massive fan base and are one of the most famous teams in the world. They may not win all matches but are regarded by most as the greatest club ever (if they were being asked the above question without giving their favorite football ( Full Answer )

What is the best football club ever?

Real Madrid f.c.of the 1960s is the best football club ever but Barcelona are coming with there current side of messi, Pedro and villa.

Will there ever be a club penguin TV show?

It is a rumor that Club Penguin is going to make a show on Disney Channel on October 24 2012 but I'm not sure if it's real. I emailed CP they said that it would be a good idea. -Rockingyaz

Have the Florida gators ever worn orange pants?

Yes. Throughout the '80's, orange pants and white jerseys were their road unis. Spurrier brought in blue road pants, but kept the orange ones, too. After a 31-3 loss to Alabama in 2005 while wearing them, Urban Meyer apparently mothballed them for good.

What is the best soccer club ever?

According to statistics, the best soccer club is: The Barcelona Football Club. There they have much apparel and the fans are well above 1,000,000. They have the strongest fan base as far as I can see and they are loved by many world wide.

Club penguin who is the famlousit ever?

hi its chris dog here well louis9093 is because if you have met him he nevre runs from you he is kind he is like me ! dont tell him this but i know his password subscribe to louis.french@hotmail.co.uk or email him # here have my chrisdog acount chrisdog555 PASS.**

Has Vanna White ever worn pants on Wheel of Fortune?

She has worn many different outfits when she does the on location spots, she has sometimes appeared in pants , Blue Jeans, Shorts, bathing suits. and even a towel while getting a massage to include just some of the different outfits. On the show while turning letters she has worn many different outf ( Full Answer )

Will club penguin ever really end?

Club Penguin most likely won't end due to crashing or site troubles, and it probably won't end in the near future (its 2010). If it did end, it would be because there weren't enough people subscribing to be a member, and the Club Penguin section of Disney didn't have the money to support owning the ( Full Answer )

Will there ever be a sequel to the Breakfast Club?

Probably not, it's one of those untouchable masterpieces that's too substantial to conquer. Plus it was made thirty years ago, and again, no sequel/remake/reboot will ever live up to the original. Sometimes it's for the best.

What is the best club penguin name ever?

its Oscar one and if you ever meet him add him to your friends list because hes famous heres a tip he goes on clubpenguin on wensdays on blizzard or slipper in the cove good luck finding him

When were the first ever shoes worn?

As far as we know shoes were first worn in Armenia--circa 3500 BCE--according to the "Natiional Geographic" June 3rd 2010.

Has Club Penguin ever not have a pin?

If you're talking about pins, like the small pictures you can collect that are hidden everywhere, then, yes. Club Penguin didn't always have pins! The first pin appeared on March 17, 2006 and it was a Shamrock Pin.

Who is the rasest penguin ever in club pengguin?

well there is a under cover agent thets name is bacinick1 he is realy awsome he only has 5 freinds but he is a moderate he is a higher rank then gary. so if your his freind or one of the first people to request himas a freind he will take you to the club penguin secret gaget room he always is on bli ( Full Answer )

Has anyone ever been put back in diapers because they wanted to?

Well there are various adults who fantasise about being babies and they do indeed dress up in diapers and bibs, bonnets, suck pacifiers etc. It's some kind of fetish. They often get people to 'look after' them as though they are babies so yes I would say these people do get put back in diapers becau ( Full Answer )

Should the flag ever be worn as apparel?

It is technically illegal to wear a flag, though many people wear flags on their shirts these days. I would not recommend wearing a flag itself as apparel as this could be interpreted as a rude, classless, and unpatriotic gesture.

What do diapers have in them?

Cloth diapers are typically made of cotton, though other plantfibers may be used. Disposable diapers contain a syntheticsuperabsorbent materialcalled sodium polyacrylate.

How do you make the best club house ever?

the best clubhouse ever depends on what yout think of it. but i suggest a homeade one. it makes it more special. it should also probably be in a secretive place so no one can invade.

Was Club Penguin ever banned?

kinda like its member ship ran out one day and showed a picture of a creepy crown or golfer so kids had to wait about 2 to 3 days for them to pay there member ship! many kids think that club penguin never had that happen but it does happen once it happened to animal jam and pirates of the Caribbean ( Full Answer )

What is the most expensive sandal ever worn by a woman?

According to one source, the most expensive sandal in the world is a sandal known as a flip-flop or thong sandal. It is decorated with gold yarn and diamonds. It is worth about 17,000$ (USD). It is not known whether or not the sandal has been worn.