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Have you ever worn a diaper when clubbing?

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Has Nick Jonas ever worn braces?

yes but now he wears a retainer watch this the end .

Has Amanda bynes ever worn a basque?

Answer. Surely you must think that the people who answer questions for people like yourself, have crystal balls and we see the past, prestent, and future. Well sorry it don't

Has Nick Jonas ever changed a diaper?

Maybe. That's not the most popular question that the Jonas Brothers are asked, you know (sarcasm!). And if he has, it was probably Frankie's diaper when he was a baby.

Are you ever too old for diapers?

Most children don't need diapers beyond the age of 2 or 3 years. Many people may need them if there is a particular medical condition.

When were the first ever shoes worn?

As far as we know shoes were first worn in Armenia--circa 3500 BCE--according to the "Natiional Geographic" June 3rd 2010.
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Should the flag ever be worn as apparel?

It is technically illegal to wear a flag, though many people wear flags on their shirts these days. I would not recommend wearing a flag itself as apparel as this could be int