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Answer Dump all your vitamins! I was just told by my health practioner that I need to eliminate all the supplements that I have been taking for years because the magnesium stearate affects my colon. So I'm going to dump all the vitamins in the trash and try and find a company that doesn't use this ingredient. Martine Vas Dump all your vitamins! I was just told by my health practioner that I need to eliminate all the supplements that I have been taking for years because the magnesium stearate affects my colon. So I'm going to dump all the vitamins in the trash and try and find a company that doesn't use this ingredient. Martine Vas

Your Health Practioner is a quack and does not know what they are talking about.

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Sore breasts in menopause?

There are number of natural supplements which can help provide relief from pain associated with menopause. Menozac is one of those natural supplements. what are the supplements? I have heard starflower oil is good is there any others?

Can magnesium supplements cause itching?

I've never heard of that. Where is the itching? I suppose it's possible that the magnesium product you're taking has some inactive ingredients that might be causing the itch. I haven't experienced any negative side affects from mine. Maybe you should try a different brand if the itching started the same time or shortly after you started taking them. Please check the related source link below.

Why does MG stand for magnesium?

I'm not really positive about this, but I think it's because it has the letters M and G in it. But seriously, I've never heard of MG standing for magnesium before!

What was your initial reaction when you heard different accent?

I loved some, was confused by others.

What are some of the risks of over consumption of supplements?

I'm sure you've heard that "Too much of a good thing" is ultimately bad for you. With supplements (I'm assuming you're referring to working out supplements) can take a heavy toll on you kidneys, because of how much filtering they have to continually do. Therefore leading to urinal issues and impotency. Consult a doctor.

What was Terry Fox' family's reaction when they heard Terry Fox died?

they were sad

Is an exothermic reaction will produce heat and will be reabsorbed to increase the rate of reaction?

Have you heard of Haber-Bosch process of production of ammonia. This is an example of the question you asked. If we apply the required heat in the beginning of the reaction we do not need to apply it again as its exothermic reversible reaction and will use the heat to continue the reaction. But the rate of reaction is not increased.

What reaction did Hawkeye give when he heard the hymn being sung?

Tears rolled down his cheeks

What are alternative supplements for Adderall?

I heard that Vitamin water contains a molecule which sounds like lycopene (I'm not certain) which is supposed to help you focus. Definitely worth researching

What is scout's reaction when she heard boo put the blanket around her shoudlers?

o ma gawd no way

How do you write a balanced chemical equation to show how magnesium with oxygen can form acids or bases?

First, i never heard of acids with magnesium. Bases however are very common like Mg(OH)2 2Mg + 2H2O --->> 2Mg(OH)2 + H2

Can you have a reaction to a greyhound If you have asthma?

It is unlikely that you will have a reaction to a greyhound if you have asthma. Probably the only cause is that if you have a reaction to a greyhound is only because you have a reaction to that type of dog. But I can't really tell; I haven't heard of a case of asthma-based reactions to dogs. It all comes down to the person...

You have heard that oral hydrogen peroxide used with a few herbal supplements cures irritable bowel sysndrome Is this true?

Drinking bleach in any shape or form is NOT good for your IBS.

Why doesn't iron rust at the south pole?

Never heard this, but I'd guess that it is due to the rate of reaction being so slow at such a low temperature that the activation energy of the reaction is not met.

What chemical reaction is bile involved?

it isn't a chemical reaction its just a breakdown process whereby it is broken down into small fat globules. this is in terms of bio in chem not really heard of it!!

What does it mean that placental reaction is seen all around in the ultrasound?

I suggest you ask the person who did the ultrasound as I have never heard this.

Can an allergic reaction for dogs cause a liver to swell?

I do not think so. I have never heard of that kind of thing happening.

Are there bananas with stones in them?

I read your question and never have seen or heard of stones in bananas. My first reaction is they didn't grow there, but had to be placed.

What is the best description of Elizabeth's reaction to Charlotte Lucas' engagement?

Elizabeth was chagrined when she heard the news about Charlotte's engagement.

How can the plebeians reaction to the speeches by Brutus and Anthony be described?

They react emotionally to the last thing they heard and do not remember the second-to-last thing they heard. They do not react differently from the way people react to the news nowadays.

What was the initial reaction of the American public to get invole in the Vietnam war?

They never heard of the place until they got their draft notice in the mail.

Is magnesium used for coital headaches?

Taking a daily supplement of magnesium may help triggering coital headaches. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to migraines. The RDA is 280mg for an adult woman, 350 for an adult man. Do not overdo magnesium supplementation. Heard of Milk of Magnesia? If you overdo it, you'll get diarrhea. It is okay to go a bit above the RDA, considering some of the Mg you ingested will be lost. If you are supplementing with vitamins, wait four hours before or after. Taking vitamins and minerals at the same tingle.

Who sings chemical reaction that was played on there?

This song is by a guy named Chaz Lamar Shepards. I like it too. Heard it on Steve Harvey show.

Which mammal has the fastest reaction time?

I heard David Attenborough say it was the Mongoose. It's ability to bait a snake and jump out the way of the bite is impressive.

When gas burns you can tell it is a chemical change because?

you saw a reaction you smelt something you heard something and you cant get that gas back to its original form