He broke up with you why does he still call when he has someone?


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well,if you were best friends before all of it,he still likes you.maybe he just thought it was better when you were both just friends,or maybe he just wants to check up on you.

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You broke up with him, but you're still expecting him to call you? Wow. Just... wow. Yes, it's pretty normal for someone you broke up with to stop calling. And if he knows what's good for him, he'll get over "liking you" quickly, because you're cold.

If you still like her or want to be her friend, then yes.

If you mean by you dated someone, then broke up it's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend or just ex. If you mean you dated someone, broke up, and then started dating again its girlfriend or boyfriend.

No. They broke up July 2010. Andy broke up with her when she used him to get someone else jealous. It is said that they are still friends though.

we broke up? we're finished? we're through? we're done?

Umm, sorry to tell you this, but probably if you broke-up with someone and they got a new girlfriend, that pretty much means it's over. Then again, who broke-up with who? It depends. If he broke-up with you, then probably he's over you, but if you broke-up with him, then he could just be going out with someone to be happier. Sorry, hope that answered your question.

Does he still call you? Does he still say he's interested in how everythign is going for you? Is he still there for you whenever you need him? Where you the one who broke up with him? If the answer to these were no, then honey he's probably moved on. Maybe he still thinks of you from time to time but he's not doing anything about it. The best thing to do is let him go. Find someone else, there are plently more fish in the sea.

Simple. They care about you. And you can tell.. because together or not, they still want you in their life.

me and my girls just broke up and she still washes my clothes

i think she is going out with someone call tyler smith or smyth she has broke up with Ashley cole

A. Talk to him. Tell him that you still have feeling for him (if he broke up with you,ask for another chance) (If you broke up with him tell him you were wrong and want another try)B. Find someone new. Nothing is wrong with still liking somone as you like another.

Your question is a bit confusing, your the only one that can answer this one. But I will give you a few comment on this one. Why are you waiting for him to call you if you broke up with him? If you broke up with someone, that will be the end of it. Maybe he was hurt and for him to forget you he made the best solution not to call you anymore. So the best move for you is to go forward and start fresh again..........

no they don't still together, they broke up, but no one know why they broke up!!

if they broke up with you, move on. If you broke up with them and they flirt with you, flirt with them back

If you guys already broke up, then you cant really do anything about it. Sorry.

its really hard being around someone you broke up with it feels like they care about you then then they dont, but when yall broke up the person still have feelings for you but just dint want to be with you

Give her some time then call her and tell her to meet you somewhere and ask her out.

It depends on if he still talks to you and how you broke up. If you broke with him it's a big possibility but if he broke up with you it's just a small possibility.

I believe that they are still dating they are broke up and stop dating!.

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