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Hi, I am 23 (India).... and gone through C5-C6 Spinal Fusion Surgery as per doc said.

the good news is my pain is completely gone, I don't know how it will be in the future. I just took a rest of 2 months .......... (It was Nightmare)....

The doc says the new bone which in replaced in my neck will grow, so it will be alright in long run, (Hope it will, god knows).

The motion has been decreased, at C5-C6 segment.

I heard that Arthoplasty is one of your options (Which is costly & I don't know much about it), this surgery gives the full motion, but the thing is you should be careful, there are so many chance, the artificial disc may not fit.................



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Q: Healing time for L4 L5 spinal fusion?
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What is a broad based disc bulge at L4 L5 and what is the treatment?

A person who has a broad-based disc bulge at L4 and L5 is at risk for stenosis. The treatment involves microdiscectomy or spinal fusion.

What is formed by the spinal nerves exiting the cord from the level of L4 to S4?

Spinal nerves exiting the spinal canal between L4 and S4 collectively make up the sacral plexus.

What is spinal stenosis at L4-L5 secondary to anterolisthesis?

dont no

Where would a spinal tap be inserted?

usually in L4, L5 region.

How much does a lumbar spinal fusion cost?

Four weeks ago, I had a 2-level (involving 3 vertebrae; 2 discs; L4-S1) anterior lumbar fusion w/posterior laminectomy (L4-L5) done. I received the initial hospital bill, and it was nearly $65K. The physician's charge was around $5K. Thank god for insurance, though!

What vertebra is least likely to cause a spinal cord injury if fracture?


Spinal nerves exiting the cord from the level of L4 to S4?

Lumbar plexus

What is the spinal root of the tibial nerve?


Why is L4 and L5 is the site of choice for a lumbar puncture?

The L4-L5 interspace is the preferred site for an LP due to the fact that it is well below the end of the spinal cord itself, but still accessible to spinal fluid (below the cord).

Causes of spinal dissication?

what is mutilevel dissication. l3 andl4 l4 and l5 l5 and s1

What does L3-4 spinal stenosis grossly unchanged mean?

L3-L4 refers to the location of the spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal). The problem is found between the third and fourth vertebrae. Grossly unchanged means it appears the same to the naked eye (albeit on imaging studies) as the last time they looked.

What does diffuse disc bulge at L4-L5 causing mild narrowing of bilateral foramina indicative of?

What the radiology report indicates is that you've got a herniated disk at the L4/5 vertebrae, which is pressing forward into the spinal cord passageway. The foramen is the narrow passage in the vertebrae where the spinal cord runs through.

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