Healthy nation begins with healthy you?

The United States cannot become a healthy nation until it introduces universial health care, and puts it's new, healthier population to work to actually produce the high quality goods it used to , and repair its crumbling infrastructure, and become a manufacturing economy again, not one based only on consumption of cheap, imported goods. The question sounds like the title of a lecture on personal responsibility by a right- wing elite who opposes universial health care , and who thinks the poor and the sick have only themselves to blame. It can also be interpreted another way. Universial health care, as clearly stated in the constitution , is a fundumental human right, and is also overwhelmingly supported by the people. It is up to you (the people) to demand your democracy back, and remove the insurance industry and its lobbyists from the health system. There are nearly 50 million Americans who have no insurance at all, and millions more who are under-insured. Millions are being bankrupted and losing their homes because they get sick. In the eyes of every other developed country, that is a disgrace.