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You've come to the wrong place. Try the psycinfo database.

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Q: Hello you am currently studying 3rd year psychology and researching into intelligence and IQ testing could you explain the advantages and disadvantages of tests or any info. many thanks Bernard Allen?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of correlation analysis psychology?

The advantages and disadvantages well i dont really know get of the internet and look in a book!

Advantages and disadvantages of generalization in psychology?

I'm not so sure but I think this and that

How does clinical psychology differ from regular psychology?

Regular psychology encompasses all the branches of psychology. Clinical psychology is a specific branch focused on researching, preventing, and curing problems.

Intelligence testing spawned a new avenue in the study of psychology known as?

Intelligence testing spawned a new avenue in the study of psychology known as

What are the disadvantages of psychology?

It is as much an art as a science.

Where can one learn about humanistic psychology?

One can learn about humanistic psychology through a variety of ways. Online, one can research the basics of humanistic psychology in the psychology section of the website About, which provides the basics of humanistic psychology. One can go more in depth in the subject by researching it in school.

What has the author Shahnaz Bahman written?

Shahnaz Bahman has written: 'Developing children's emotional intelligence' -- subject(s): Activity programs, Classroom environment, Emotional intelligence, Learning, Psychology of, Psychology of Learning

What might scientist researching the development of personality study?

A scientist researching the development of personality is studying psychology. It is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, as well as those affecting behavior.

Advantages of hydrographic surveying?

This question is unrelated to psychology.

What has the author Sandra Scarr written?

Sandra Scarr has written: 'Understanding Psychology/With Student Self-Tutor' 'Genetics and the development of intelligence' 'Understanding psychology' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Psychology 'Understanding development' -- subject(s): Developmental psychology 'Psychology and Children' 'Race, social class, and individual differences in I.Q' -- subject(s): Ethnopsychology, Individual differences, Intellect, Intelligence levels, Nature and nurture, Race, Social aspects, Social aspects of Intelligence levels, Social classes, Socioeconomic status and intelligence, Variability (Psychometrics)

Importance of psychology in business?

Because psychology means your behavior, so in managing a business you must have a good behavior or intelligence to think more effectively or efficiently.

Which psychologist founded France's first psychology laboratory and was a pioneer in intelligence testing?

Alfred Binet

Does intelligence decline with age?

The question, does intelligence decline with age, is a highly debated topic in the world of psychology. Some factors used to judge intelligence decline with age while others, actually, increase or get better with age.

What is an independent variable and what is a dependent variable in psychology?

Independent variable is the subtance of whatever you are experimenting with and researching and the finding are the dependent variable

What has the author Michael W Eysenck written?

Michael W. Eysenck has written: 'Fundamentals of cognition' -- subject(s): Cognition 'Cognitive Psychology' -- subject(s): Cognitive psychology, Textbooks, Cognition 'Psychology' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Psychology 'Individual differences' -- subject(s): Cognition, Difference (Psychology), Individual differences, Intelligence, Intelligence tests, Mental Disorders, Personality, Therapy 'Psychology for A2 level' -- subject(s): Psychology 'Cognitive psychology' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Cognition, Cognitive psychology 'Happiness' -- subject(s): Happiness 'Fundamentals of psychology' -- subject(s): Psychology 'Key Topics in A2 Psychology' 'Perspectives on psychology' -- subject(s): Psychology

What is physchology?

Psychology is a branch of science devoted to researching and analyzing mental functions and behaviors. Forms of it have existed since ancient history.

What might scientists researching the development of personality study?

Scientists researching the development of personality, might study: - Complex human behavior - Developmental psychology - Study teens and children

What is the definition of Machiavellians behavior?

In cognitive science and evolutionary psychology, Machiavellian intelligence (also known as political intelligence or social intelligence) is the capacity of an entity to be in a successful political engagement with social groups.

What is a Researchable topic in psychology?

psychoanalysis, personality, human development (growing up), subconscious, learning, multiple intelligence,

What has the author Shirzad Chamine written?

Shirzad Chamine has written: 'Positive intelligence' -- subject(s): Employees, Positive psychology, Coaching of, Self-actualization (Psychology), Success in business

What has the author Norman Leslie Munn written?

Norman Leslie Munn has written: 'The growth of human behavior' -- subject(s): Developmental psychology 'Psychology' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Psychology 'The evolution and growth of human behaviour' -- subject(s): Comparative Psychology, Evolution, Psychophysiology 'The evolution of the human mind' -- subject(s): Comparative Psychology, Human evolution 'Handbook of psychological research on the rat' -- subject(s): Animal intelligence, Rats 'Psychology: the fundamentals of human adjustment' -- subject(s): Psychology 'An introduction to animal psychology' -- subject(s): Animal intelligence, Behavior, Rats

What evidence indicates that humans and chimpanzees are closely related?

They both have similar anatomy, psychology, behavior, intelligence, and, especially, genetics.

What has the author Elida L de Gueventter written?

Elida L. de Gueventter has written: 'Historia para el futuro' -- subject(s): Academic achievement, Intelligence tests, Learning, Psychology of, Longitudinal studies, Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Students

What has the author Karl Spencer Lashley written?

Karl Spencer Lashley has written: 'Brain mechanisms and intelligence' -- subject(s): Brain, Psychophysiology, Localization of functions, Psychology, Comparative, Comparative Psychology

What has the author Maureen T Lapan written?

Maureen T. Lapan has written: 'Learning and intelligence' -- subject(s): Intellect, Knowledge, Theory of, Learning, Psychology of, Psychology of Learning, Theory of Knowledge

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