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You need to get your mentor & go and EAT first...then go down to the Crab Shack and EAT SOME MORE. Once you're good and full go to the nearest Big Lots and take a nap on the biggest bed there. If you have good dreams, buy That Mattress...and if you have bad dreams, then you absolutely, positively have too double check the....

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Why place a coconut under the bed?

I heard that by putting a coconut under the bed will help you know if someone is casting a spell on you. If the coconut sprout, that means a spell is casted on you.

What is the population per hospital bed ratio in India?

1 is to 1700

What are some under-the-bed storage options?

Under-Bed Storage Bags, Under-Bed Storage Bins, Under-Bed Stand-Alone Drawers, built in drawers and boxes are some of the under-the-bed storage options

What is the use for a bed skirt?

A bed skirt is decorative but originally was made to help eliminate the collection of dust under the bed. Many comforter sets include a matching skirt.

What is the movie where the boogey man is under the bed and they go under the bed and there small its a Disney?

dont look under the bed

What is the best complete frame assembly to put under a 1954 Chevy 3100 short bed pick up with 116 wheel base?

1st gen s10 frame.standard cab long bed is best.short bed 2 short

What does scout find under her bed?

dill was hiding under her bed

Where can you get the Disney movie don't look under the bed?

Under your bed

Is it illegal to ride in the back of a pick up truck in Texas?

It is illegal to allow anyone under 18 to ride in the open bed of a pickup.

What is a step side bed used for?

A step side bed is used for pick up trucks. It is used as a cargo box which is designed with the fender wells on the inside of the bed of the pick up truck.

What was actually under Scout's bed?

Dill was hiding under Scout's bed.

In the bed or on the bed?

In the bed means under the covers on the bed means on top of the covers.

Can you use a 1970's Chevy short bed pick-up frame under a 1958 Chevy short bed pick-up?

The frame on the 58 is a straight rail frame. The frame on the 70's drops in the middle. It would not be a simple bolt in application.

How do you get under the bed?

you slide under

Are the Dodge Dakota Bed and Dodge Ram bed the same dimensions?

No, they are not the same size, the Dakota is a mid-sized pick-up and the Ram is a full size pick-up. The Dakota bed then would be smaller and the Ram bed wild be larger.

Who or what was hiding under Scout's bed?

Dill Harris was hiding under Scout's bed.

In Junie B Jones has a Monster under her bed does she really have a amonster under her bed?


How do you get a bed on sims2?

Go into buy mode press F2 and then click on the chair then the bed and pick

How do you kill a monster under your bed?

you kill the monster that lives under your bed by saying to your mom i want to go to bed early tonight and then instead of going to sleep right away you will go under your bed and i don't believe in the monster that lives under my bed 10 times in a row then you will see the monster beside your bed and scream as loud as you can at the monster then run into your bed be for your mom comes and if your mom asked you why you screamed just say you saw the monster that lives under your bed and then you will never see that monster that lives under your bed again

What's the best way to protect the bed of my pick up truck?

A bed liner is the best way to protect the bed of your pick up truck. Bed liners can be a insert for the bed of your truck or likely a spray on application that will coat the truck bed and protect the entire surface area. But making sure the bed liner is correctly installed or applied will insure the protection of your truck bed.

How do you remove the pick up box from the chassis of a Ford Ranger?

to rempve pickup bed, get under neath truck and cut off 6 bolts that hold bed to chassis. then disconnect any wires for lights, etc. then with a couple buddies,lift bed off truck

Who did scout find hiding under her bed?

scout find Jem hiding under her bed.

Does a feather bed go under the fitted sheet on the bed or over?

I believe the feather bed would go under the sheet...We had one when I was a kid and that's what we did. A feather bed goes under. A down comforter goes over

What is the main idea of the story Junie B Jones has a monster under her bed?

The Main Idea Of Junie B Jones Has A Monster Under Her Bed Is There's A Monster Under Her Bed

Under the bed with Sophie?

i rather be on top of the bed with sophie.

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