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The assembly line.

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Henry Ford invented what pocess?

Henry Ford invented the Assembly Line.

Who invented the ford?

The person that invented the Ford was Henry Ford...

Who invented Ford cars?

Henry Ford invented Ford cars.

Who invented Model T cars?

Henry ford Henry ford

What kind of car was invented first?

A Ford invented by Henry Ford

Who invented the Ford cars?

Henry Ford

Who invented the Ford automobiles?

Henry Ford.

What did Henry Ford design?

Henry Ford invented the MODEL-T automobile

When and what did Henry Ford invent?

Henry Ford invented the automobile and it was in the 1900's.

Who invented Ford pickups?

Henry Ford and his engineers.

Who first invented Ford cars?

Henry Ford

Did Henry Ford invent the quadricycle?

YES! Henry Ford invented the Quadricycle in 1896.

Who invented the Model T Ford?

Henry Ford invented the "Tin Lizzie" : Model T Ford .

Who invented Ford?

Henry Ford which came from his last name.

Who invented the t-model ford?

henry ford

When was the Model T invented?

It was invented in 1908 by Henry Ford

Who really invented the first Ford?

Henry Ford is the inventor. The company was founded by Henry Ford and 11 other investors.

Who invented the car door?

Henry ford

Who invented the first cars?

Henry Ford

When was the car invented and by who?

by henry ford man

Who invented the assmebly line?

Henry Ford

How old was Henry Ford when he invented the Ford car?

38-- It was 1901

What did Henry Ford do that was so popular?

He invented the Ford car brand.

Where was the assembly line invented?

The united States. It was invented by Henry Ford

When did Henry Ford invent what he invented?

he invented the automobile in October 1908