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Q: Here is a hint wiseguy its not chili eatingwhat is the national sport of Chile?
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What is Chile in french?


What does chili mean in french?

le Chili is the country Chile

What is in chili?

Chili means Chile, the south America's country.

What is the homophone of chili?

Chile or Chilly

What is a homophone for Chile?

The answer is chilly or chili.

What is the homophone of Chile?

Chilly, chili

What is a homonym for chilly?

chili, Chile

How do you spell Chile in English?


What is chili in french?

Chili means Chile, the south America's country.

Do people in Chile eat chili?

probably because chili is yummy.

What is the difference between chili powder and chili flakes?

Chile flakes are the dried seeds from Chile peppers. Chile powder is made from crushing the whole pepper

Is Chili and Chile the same thing?

No , it is not. Chili is a type of food, somewhat like soup. Chile is a country in South America.

How do you say 'Chile' in french?

Chile is called 'le Chili' in French.

Is there a lagoon in chili?

No, there is NOT a lagoon in chili, perhaps there is a lagoon in Chile. Happy Day.

What is the chili capital?

Cincinnati is the Chili capital of the US. Santiago is the capital of Chile.

How do you spell Chile in french?

le Chili

What kind of sports do they do in Chile?

they eat chili

Is chili from Chile?

yes because of the name of the country

How do you spell the country of chili?

The country of Chile you spell C - H - I - L - E.

You would love to go to chili in spanish?

It's difficult to go to chili. Perhaps you meant Chile. You'd say "Te encantaría ir a Chile"

What is the capitol of the country called Chili?

if by chili you mean the south American country Chile, the capitol is Santiago.

Is Chile on the ring of fire?

yes chili is in the ring of fire

How do you say I have chili peppers in Spanish?

tengo el chile

Why is Chile the country called chili?

The word Chile possibly came from the Incas of Peru, who called the valley of Aconcagua "Chili" by corruption of the name of a Picunche tribal chief called "Tili."

Why are the flags of Chile and Texas similar?

Because Texans love their Chili!