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you have to move the file to your computer 1st from your flash drive. then you should be able to install

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Q: Hi I downloaded a software from the website in the internet cafe and saved in my flash drive. I tried to install this saved software which is found in the flash drive in my PC but the program can not?
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What is a free program downloaded from the Internet that fixes a software bug?

patch, update, service pack

What is software downloaded from the Internet which corrupts other computer software?

That would be virus infected software. If you run a program with a virus, it can infect other files.

What is downloaded software?

a program that run on computers.

How do you install a program that you downloaded from LimeWire?

Firstly make sure it is legal. If so, follow these instructions: - Find where you downloaded the program to - Run the installer file (usually called Install.exe or Setup.exe) - You're done! Another polite reminder - always make sure that you scan anything downloaded from the Internet with security software, and ensure that what you download is legal.

Where can scheduling program software be downloaded?

Scheduling program software can be downloaded from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of scheduling programs from various vendors.

Where can one download the IBP software?

IBP stands for Internet Business Promoter. The software for this program can be downloaded directly from the companies own website. It is also available for download from CNET.

How do I install engineering software to my computer?

To install engineering, or any other software to your computer, you first need to put the disc it comes on into the disc drive. Then, you should run the installer on the disc and follow the prompts onscreen. If it is a program that you've downloaded, start the .exe file that you downloaded and follow the prompts that it gives you.

How can you print a list of your SIM card numbers?

Install your phone software program and download the list to your PC then print. Your phone program can be downloaded from your phone maker web site if it did not come with your phone package.

Can you play virtual families in internet?

you need internet to get the game downloaded and you still need to have internet connection to run the program. sadly you can't play online, it has to be downloaded.

Can i Save downloaded software program to USB flash drive?

Yes. Yes.

How can one download Limewire software for free?

The peer to peer file sharing computer program LimeWire can be downloaded from a plethora of places on the internet. LimeWire can be downloaded from the official LimeWire website, or from other websites like CNET.

Where can one get the program Java?

The program Java can be downloaded from the official Java website on the internet. The program is free for personal use, so it can be downloaded without any cost by anyone.

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