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you have to move the file to your computer 1st from your flash drive. then you should be able to install

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What is a free program downloaded from the Internet that fixes a software bug?

patch, update, service pack

What is software downloaded from the Internet which corrupts other computer software?

That would be virus infected software. If you run a program with a virus, it can infect other files.

How do you install a program that you downloaded from LimeWire?

Firstly make sure it is legal. If so, follow these instructions: - Find where you downloaded the program to - Run the installer file (usually called Install.exe or Setup.exe) - You're done! Another polite reminder - always make sure that you scan anything downloaded from the Internet with security software, and ensure that what you download is legal.

What is downloaded software?

a program that run on computers.

How do I install engineering software to my computer?

To install engineering, or any other software to your computer, you first need to put the disc it comes on into the disc drive. Then, you should run the installer on the disc and follow the prompts onscreen. If it is a program that you've downloaded, start the .exe file that you downloaded and follow the prompts that it gives you.

How can you print a list of your SIM card numbers?

Install your phone software program and download the list to your PC then print. Your phone program can be downloaded from your phone maker web site if it did not come with your phone package.

Can you play virtual families in internet?

you need internet to get the game downloaded and you still need to have internet connection to run the program. sadly you can't play online, it has to be downloaded.

How can one download Limewire software for free?

The peer to peer file sharing computer program LimeWire can be downloaded from a plethora of places on the internet. LimeWire can be downloaded from the official LimeWire website, or from other websites like CNET.

How do you remove Internet Explorer 8 to install Internet Explorer 9?

Internet Explorer 9 is only for Windows Vista and 7. If you want to downloaded newer version go to Internet Explorer downloads page (see the related link), download and install it. The installation process automatically removes older versions of the program

Can i Save downloaded software program to USB flash drive?

Yes. Yes.

How do you reinstall a program that you uninstalled?

View the webpage that you used to install that program then reinstall it. what if you didnt install the program on the internet?? put the disc in (if it has one) in and then install it the same way

Software for Sony walkman nw-a1000?

The Sony Walkman NW-A1000 requires the SonicStagesoftware to transfer music to the device. As of 2013, Sony has discontinued support for the program, but it can still be downloaded from websites on the Internet.

What is the filesystemobject used for?

It is a computer software/program that manipulates and sorts computer files as well as allowing you to create new files and online documents. It can be purchased an downloaded over the Internet.

Where can one download the OpenOffice program?

You can download the Apache OpenOffice program directly from the software manufacturer's website. Alternatively, the program can be downloaded from CNET.

How can you add an application program in a computer?

Just get the software and install it.

What is the software program designed to surf the internet?


What is some common internet marketing software?

Eloqua is a wonderful program that can be downloaded for a certain fee. With this, however, it will give you step by step tips and templates for creating a wonderful marketing scheme.

How do you install a wireless internet booster?

Wireless internet boosters are installed very easily. You install them the same way you would install any other program.

Is a series of instructions that tells a computer what to to do and how to do it?

majorly yes, its called software, whenever you install a program your installing a set of instructions for the processor to follow, exa. internet explorer.

Where would one purchase Internet Explorer?

You do not need to purchase Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a program that can be downloaded free of charge on their website to your desktop.

To install applications and other software under windows 2000xp you can use which applet in the control panel?

Install program

Where could one download a Chinese language program?

Chinese language program can be downloaded from njstar, softonic, brothersoft, declan-software, CNET, Tucows, MandarinTools, and any Chinese software website.

I have downloaded f-secure antivirus software in my HTC Touch P3452 but don't have an internet connection what should i do in order to run the program?

In order to run the F-Secure anti-virus program you will need an Internet connection. If you don\'t have an Internet connection try connecting the phone through a Wi-Fi hotspot to run the scan.

How do you install Windows 98 software in Windows XP?

By running the setup program.

How do you install software in Ubuntu 10.04?

Most versions of Ubuntu comes with something called "Ubuntu Software Center". You can easily download additional software from there. If something is not listed in the Software Center, you will have to either download and run the .deb file for that program, which creates a repository for that program in Software Center, or manually install it from the command line.